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Another 365 days added. I can only be thankful and grateful to still be standing. Grateful because I know I could have crossed over to the other side, considering how much I have battled with depression and suicidal ideation.. I take no shame in this because everyday I don't give in to the dark side is a win for me. It tells me I have much more strength within me than I could possibly imagine and that the Almighty is not done with me.

This year has been somewhat bitter sweet.  Many experiences that have left me stunned, but still have thought me a lot and given me a better perspective to life in general.
So I'd like to take time out to list out everything I'm grateful to God for.

I bless God for being who He is.  I am thankful He works way harder than the devil else I wonder how I'd have survived life.

I am thankful for recent happenings that have shown me people are not whom they seem to be. I bless God because these people are instrumental in what He's shaping m…
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Loud Thoughts - Bestie Of The Opposite Sex

They say date your bestfriend..marry your bestfriend...your husband/wife should be your bestfriend. When your partner has a "bestie" of the opposite sex, maybe you shouldn't be there....

What's the point being in a relationship with someone who'd go to "B" first before coming to you they're supposedly meant to be with and then you get to feel like the 2nd option? Why be with someone who constantly puts it in your face that someone else is more important than you?

I had a very very close male friend back in school. He was also friends with my boo then. It always felt like his (my close friend) name popped up in every conversation, outing, decision, etc. It didn't take long boo began to feel hurt, inadequate and disrespected. In my head I felt it was nothing but I was making someone I claimed to be the most important person then feel less than he was to me. To him it was like "so why am I with you? Why lie to him about where you are or that …


Someone once said "The strength of a mother
is second to none. Even when she is in times of stress, when she is fighting her own demons, when she is beyond exhausted both mentally and physically; nothing will stop her from finding the strength she needs to get done"

This post is dedicated to all mothers; those still with us, those who have departed, those who have stepped in to fill the gaps.....The love and sacrifices you have made for your children are never taken for granted, but beyond words appreciated. We can only ask the Almighty to keep mums still on earth with us much longer and bless them with good health of mind, body and soul; as He continues to shine his perpetual light on the souls of those gone to answer His call. MOTHERS ARE EXTRAORDINARY SUPER HEROES!!

Explaining your wonderful existence in our lives is like trying to explain God's greatness. You are a rare gem An influence to everyone around you The most beautiful woman in the world(inside and out) Sin…


Yoohooo wataguan sweethearts? How you holding up? It is with great amusement that I bring to you this session of Real Talk. I had wanted to make a video for this one, but mischief won’t let a sister be great. Without much-a-do, let’s get right into it.
The other day I came across a tweet a girl posted and I quote “If only people knew that a man’s G-spot is in his anus, even men don’t know this or want to believe this, because they think it’s gay, but it’s 100% true”. The way I went “ewwwww”… was something I could not imagine. So I proceeded to share my latest discovery with some of my friends and colleagues. Guys wan mad LMAO. “Gay shii”, “Nasty!”, “God forbid”, they said. I remember a colleague at work said “The day his girl’s hands mistakenly try to hover around that area he’d probably break up with her”.
Hehe! Let me officially break it to you now that it is 101% TRUE (trust me I was just as shocked). I’d give you the gists I heard from guys then the main information. A frien…

PEDOPHILES - The Need To Protect Our Young Ones

Each time I read posts about sexual abuse on children, it breaks my heart. Not just because I think the perpetrators are sick, twisted and demented; but also because of the trauma these little ones are put through and also how upsetting it is that those meant to take care of them (parents and guardians) would rather not believe them or try to cover up such a crime. I recall writing sometime in 2016 or so about this particular issue and the urgent need for it to be curbed. 

As parents, guardians, teachers, elders and siblings, we really really need to do more where sexual abuse is concerned. It’s ridiculous that some parents would blame the child for the sins of a pedophile and go as far as beating them. I have heard a woman curse out her daughter and call her a prostitute for “tempting” a relative that abused her. Horrible!
I’d like to share an experience. Never really told outsiders about it, but when I think back, I love my mother even more for how she handled everything. This happ…

To Love and To Cherish - A Val's Day Special

Yay! Happy St. Valentine’s day my darlings. I know I know, today is Ash Wednesday as well and it begins the season of Lent. So most of you that are Catholics like me better make it top priority to go to church and be reminded that we are dust and shall return to dust one day.

Even though we’d be in a sober mode of reflection, doesn’t change the fact it’s a day many people around the world express their deepest affections for their loved ones. I’m a huge sucker for love, a hopeless romantic. Seeing people in love gives me some sort of joy and satisfaction. If you’re single you don’t need to feel any type of way, LOVE IS LOVE. You have family and friends who truly love you; so seek them out and send all the love and appreciation to them for always being there.

For today’s post, I chose to make it an expression of love to mine and those of others as well. Think of it as a collection of love notes. And hey, if someone wrote you one on this space, you really are a special kind of human…He…

OUT OF BATTERY - Recharging Weakened Motivation

A friend shared this photo above on our group page and asked “if this were the cover for your book or movie, what will be the title and what would the story be about?” The moment I saw the picture, without reading the question, it already spoke to me. I can’t write a book though, but I can surely make a quick blog post about it.
I honestly feel that the picture describes the phase I’ve been trying to wiggle out of. I know I’m not the only one who’s been down and out and keeps asking herself ‘What’s the point?” Like you’re not necessarily depressed (though it could be a contributing factor) but getting things done or following through a project you set out to accomplish is now a huge challenge. You lack motivation and you’re just waiting for something or someone to motivate you. Your batteries are out and you’re slowly becoming a shadow of yourself.
So that was me; no willpower...If I had my way then, I’d have probably curled up in a cave and be by myself, hiding away from the world …