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The Best Condom

Lol...ever wondered what condom is the best to use for protected sex? I had an experience one time while training as a student pharmacist. A really mature lady walked in and asked for the best, strongest and most durable rubber we had. Me naw, as the mumu novice that I was then, I looked for the most expensive cd in the pharmacy and hyped it like mad eh, as if I had used it. Shoo, is it not sales we were trying to make? Lwkmdh...


This loyalty thing don tire me oh. As in it weakens me to the bones eh, I decided to let us talk bout it. Don't you get tired of hearing the incessant loyalty cries from almost everyone around you like their lives depended on it? Even the ones that will snake on you will still come and preach loyalty...the ones that will smash your bestie behind your back will still sing loyalty.. Hmmmmm,the latest one now is if you advice your friend against something you think is bad, nna you're so disloyal. Then there's the one of being tagged "unloyal hoe" because you're now dating your friend's ex whom you had no idea was with your so called friend before.
The thing is everyone has his/her own notion of what loyalty should look or feel like. Some people with Kardashian mentality would say "don't be friends with or don't date someone I'm not cool with"...wonder whatever happened to freewill and happiness. These days even after your undying friends…