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The Best Condom

Lol...ever wondered what condom is the best to use for protected sex? I had an experience one time while training as a student pharmacist. A really mature lady walked in and asked for the best, strongest and most durable rubber we had. Me naw, as the mumu novice that I was then, I looked for the most expensive cd in the pharmacy and hyped it like mad eh, as if I had used it. Shoo, is it not sales we were trying to make? Lwkmdh...

Now that I'm a licensed pharmacist, looking back at that incident, I can't help but feel pretty guilty about what I did. But seriously eh, please which condom is the best? What criteria qualify it as such?? I honestly do not know.

All of you with plenty experience should talk please. Else I will just keep giving them the most expensive and hope I don't incure the wrath of my village gods on me *picks race*


  1. Tricky one, often the higher priced ones are stronger and allow for more sensitivity... Any stronger and the fellow would tell us if they have sharp objects down below....๐Ÿ˜’

  2. Enee Fenty1/2/16 00:12

    Wellllllll.. �� I think 'best' condom would be in accordance with each individual's preference. A mr toothpick size might prefer a ribbed brand so that he gets a soothing answer when his ego asks 'who's your daddy?' While the Amazon rainforest tree trunk blessed gods would opt for a very thin brand so that the bed inclusive thanks them for the action it got afterwards.. Likewise girls might prefer fruit flavored brands so that they still stick to their healthy diet when you know, they're keeping everywhere sanitary with their mouth.. ;) again, I think best boils down to individual preference.

  3. @enee, totally agree with u. @krystal, next time you ask questions like 1. hw big is your man 2. you like dem minty or flowery. a man truely doesnt care wat a condom feels like or smells like so far it doesnt burst (a factor of size). most men would rather feel you dan feel a rubber. ITS A WOMANS WORLD.

  4. Itzms_wendiee1/2/16 19:32

    @enee badosneh.. true words darl.. @Arinze well said, Buh some men do care trust me... To me d best rubbers r d expensive ones tho... Diff folks diff ideas diff experiences diff feelings nd diff stories.. @Krystal it depends on d size, lenght,weight nd d kinda guy.. Asper wah he prefers.. he Myt want to feel u nd nt d cd, yl some r scared of STDS.. U can neva b too sure abt d chick...nd den vice versa.

  5. Anonymous4/3/16 08:43

    Hehehe! To know ehn? YOU MUST USE THEM ALL!!! Only then can you tell!!!!!!


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