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Best friend or Lover?

If you've even been uncomfortable or freaked when your baby's bestfriend is of the opposite sex, put your hands up!
I had this conversation one time with some friends and we shared our experiences. We realized that it was virtually the same result in each case...why? Let's talk.

When people of opposite sex claim to be "besties", I chuckle a bit and be like "ok" because I know sooner or later something more is bound to happen.

If you happen to get into a relationship and your girlfriend's best friend is not a girl too, just get ready to give room for the real owner pretty soon. The same thing if your man's bestie na babe. For all you know, you might just be coming in between true love. The so called best friends never ever admit their true feelings, not until they see the other party is getting pretty serious in the relationship and end up hurting those involved.

The annoying part of this whole thing is that you will notice the signs and still be having hope, just because you have asked a million times and your partner has assured you with all confidence that there is nothing more than friendship between them. They will just keep pretending and playing ten ten ontop your head and when you're at the peak of your feelings, they land you with the bombshell...hi fool!

Seriously eh,left to me alone, your girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband should be your best friend....who agrees? If someone wants me and in the course of getting to know each other he introduces me to his bestfriend that is female...OSO!! DEUCES!! I'm not about to get tangled up in some love triangle. Don't use me to discover you love each other..a lab rat to test your feelings. Mba. Thank

Sigh! Really though, what do you guys think? Is it ok to be all warm and cozy with your supposed bestie that's not your bae? Will you stand for it? Can it just be ordinary friendship with no strings attached? Is it possible? Oya people of God start talking and confessing. Keep it real! Talk with Krystal ;)


  1. Hmm... a hard one. Actually if I had a girlfriend, I did everly be opened to her because when anything cums up, I could look back and say she got my back. Having a gal as a bestie when my actual girlfriend is alive and crazy af,its definitely gonna spring up jealousy. Imagine following my bestie to a spa or shopping mall and she says I should watch her test outfits, its cool buh not to the hearing of my actual girlfriend ciz she will actually think sumtin is up. Or imagine, my bestie bought a nice cologne and am always putting it on, that definitely we bring jealousy into the relationship.
    In order to put things right, my bestie (gal) most be introduced to my girlfriend and I would leave both to hangout more often than she sees me. Maybe from there they could be best of friends and my actual girlfriend could learn one or two things I couldn't tell her from my bestie vis-a-vis. I prefer a female bestie to a male bestie cuz she wuld tell me the fact stuff my girlfriend needs that my male bestie wouldnt knw. Same opposite ways. E.g how do ladies learn how to play video games... its d male bestie that thought her.

    N.B My ladies male bestie must be engaged or married or in a very serious relationship. Yu knw wat I mean. No stories that touches the heart

  2. Anonymous13/2/16 21:55

    i think i am in this dilemma . i really need u guys to speak out so i learn and fix my situation .


  3. Anonymous13/2/16 22:23

    Well whomsoever you're in a relationship with should be the EVERYTHING, giving room for a third person in your head means you automatically have a second option and then, he or she is let into most of your affairs.. The so called best friend learns better than you in the relationship and like it or not he or she gradually creates room for themselve as time goes on.. It's always in your best interest to make your WOMAN OR MAN your EVERYTHING..

    1. PREACH!! you will live long oh.

    2. This one hard sha. It'll be hard to make your man/woman your everything if they don't have your back like your bestie. (Bestie no be label, na history.)
      I agree with Chinazor, you'll create history with your bae and sideline/replace the bestie. The bestie also need to give themself brain, either liver up and admit your feelings (if applicable) or lock up and give them space.


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