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Body Odor or Mouth Odor?

As funny as they sound, they're both very serious and annoying issues.
You won't believe how many people I've had to listen complain about being in a relationship with someone having serious body or mouth odor. It gives a lot of people sleepless nights and heart attacks.

First of all, what in God's name gives you, uncle with mouth odor the guts not only to speak in public and terrorize everyone, but also go further to ask a girl out and try to kiss her?? Olorun maje oh!!! You don't have any human sympathy or compassion eh. That's like wickedness on a different scale. And you sisteh in the Lord; after forming beans on instagram and snapchat and causing damage to your phone, you will still come and form ontop your mouth odor for guy wey manage toast you. After making him spend naira he would have used for his data subscription on date, and finally tries to kiss you goodbye or goodnight, you with full consciousness dose that poor mouth that has never done anything to you with horror and pain!! HAYYYY!! if it were in the days of John the Baptist, you would have been stoned.

Now to the cousins, body odor clan........I can only pray that you make heaven oh. After killing innocent souls on a bus or in a taxi, you will still feel good about yourself and go on to spread your reign of terror and havoc to someone that was kind enough to "think of" being with you. Which kain life? You don't have joy oh...not one atom of joy!!

Ok I'm done if it boils down to who I can put up with better in a relationship, I'd probably deal better with the mouth odor. Orbit mint gum and listeril mouth wash would be my best friends. Before you talk or kiss, you'd rinse your mouth with mouth wash and then chew a piece of mint gum.

Body odor though,yikes! Soap alone cannot fix it. I can't have someone smelling like a bag of sewage waste plus roadside garbage sleeping or sitting next to me. It's tantamount to me just committing suicide.

Please if you have body odor or mouth odor and ya reading this post, eez just play I'm playing here oh abeg...sha get help biko nu.

Anyways, I have to ask y'all now. Which would you deal with better? Mouth or body odor? Lol...Talk with Krystal darlings ;) :*


  1. I can't deal with anyone . Mouth odor I have to kiss u and listen to u talk or advice me, body odour abeg I can't pick. No one better pass any one. And if I happen to fall into going out with anyone that has this trait na to brush or bath him with hard sponge even detergent and gik join lol

  2. Aswear😂😂😂it was very hard for me to decide. So answer oh,if it came down to choosing,by force oh..which wud u choose??

  3. Anonymous6/2/16 22:48

    i once dated a girl with a lil bit of both. it was hellish but love conquered all. I tried my best to fix her, most nights i call her and be like "baby how was ur day? i am brushing my teeth now ooh and i am abt to bath, hope u av had ur bath?". that didn't work much... Before we broke up, i remember praying for her once or twice concerning this matter. i hope the good lord heard my prayers.

  4. The solution to both is simple. You know sometimes the simple things are ignored. Use a deodorant-Nivea will do the trick and buy a mouth wash. It will kill the bacteria in your mouth...George


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