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Break Out Or Be Broken!

Some of us are caught deep in very abusive relationships and marriages.
An abusive relationship doesn't just end in physical violence. NO! It extends to sexual (rape even in marriages), verbal, emotional and economical abuse. Although both women and men may experience some form of abuse in their lifetime, globally, a female spouse or wife is the more common victim.
There has been much talk about domestic violence especially against women with helplines and help centers springing up every now and then. Yet many people still suffer in such conditions and remain adamant on leaving those type of relationships...It's sad right?

Now in an abusive relationship, there's a cycle of abuse which leads to tensions rising and violence ensuing. As a person, I still don't understand what demons can make a man say very mean things to a woman he claims to love...words that can break her and question her self worth. I still don't see the sense in beating up someone in the name of love. Seriously what pushes people to that extent? Substance abuse? Financial/emotional insecurity? Mental illness? Were you tortured as a child?

If you're a victim of an abusive relationship, married or not, please leave before you die in love (not for love). Don't assume he/she will change later on. Anyone that hits you once or says nasty things to you will do so again and again. Do  not wait till you are broken physically, emotionally and spiritually before you get help. No matter the circumstances, no one has the right to make you  a walking vegetable. Don't say marriage is for better or worse and then allow him to send you to an early grave just because you want to stick to your vows. You better live for your future generation. If your man beats you, insults you, rapes you and forces you to be someone other than yourself, he is not a man. That is the devil that has come to steal. kill and destroy any chance you have of being happy. Flee!! Tell yourself someone better is out there looking just for you. God did not bring you into the gift of marriage for you to be killed in it. After all it is written "For His plans for us are of good and not evil". Hence I'm very sure He will even be more upset if you choose to remain in bondage. Divorce is not wrong when your life and state of sanity are at stake.
The same thing is applicable to men being abused too. Don't be afraid to move on. Do not think you have nothing else to live for. Erase that feeling that no one else will want or love you. You are worth more than what you've been made to think of yourself. No one who loves you will put you in a derogatory state. You may love them, but sometimes people don't know how to love someone back and love them right.

Uncle Tyson and Aunty sharp tongue abusing someone in a relationship, please set them free and go seek help. Whatever trauma or mental illness or demons you're battling should not be imprinted on someone else. Fix yourself. Go to rehab or something. Get close to God. Know what love is! Love yourself, truly be in love so that you can be able to share love with others.

Please if you know anyone in an abusive relationship or marriage, help him or her out of it. Some people need some kind of push or force to take them out of bondage. I always commend victims that are able to break out because I understand how hard it can be. They are survivors!!

After all this my plenty talk, you know I always want to hear from you sweethearts, Talk With Krystal :)



  1. Anonymous17/2/16 16:45

    I think you have good point! But to help people in marriage out? Wrong idea! In all, this is a good write-up! Thumbs up Krystal


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