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Ever witnessed two brothers fighting and going at it over some girl?
Yea that type of shii is crazy right?

So two questions: If you were in the girl's shoes what would you do? And if you were one of the brothers, what would you do too?

Ok straight to business. If I were the girl, I'd RUN..Lol. Abeg that type of thing freaks the hell out of me,like scares me to my bones. I mean I don't want to be the reason for some family feud you get? And I know if I finally settle with one I feel for, there will be trouble in paradise. No matter how hard we try to avoid it, one katakata will pop up somehow. Hian, I've seen what people can do because of love and obsession and I'm not about to get entangled in that madness. Nonetheless, if you think and believe the three of u involved can come to some form of understanding...and that heads will not roll in the end, go for it.

On the guy's part...I'd probably talk it over with my brother instead of bottling up my feelings. Don't be an olodo and say "He's my bro, I'd sacrifice my love for his happiness". WRONG MOVE!! Sweetie in the long run you would hurt yourself and the other people in the picture. Shooo, what if it's you the girl loves ni? You will now make her suffer and tell her to be with your brother disregarding her own feelings too...not cool.

See if you're in this situation, y'all should talk it out and speak out your true feelings. Come to an understanding.. If nothing realistic can be reached,biko you people should leave it. Don't come and cause plenty wahala for yourselves.

In the end, whoever the lady chooses, the other brother should accept it and be happy for them and please move on. Don't keep trying to convince or put pressure on her to be with you. Don't flirt. Just sister-zone her and you would be alright.

I've said mine... what are you people saying? What will you do? TALK WITH KRYSTAL ;)


  1. Ositadinma Arthur Ugwu19/2/16 14:03

    Well, I know how this can get, but if everyone is head strong on forging ahead with feelings and push comes to shove... . A round table meeting should be done amongst the three of them and any choices made then should be adhered to strictly...

    But come to think of it... Which kain package be that one wey two brorhers go wan kill themselves over one girl.. . It's BEST that no one gets the girl eventually.. Make PEACE reign abeg!!

    1. Like!! I wonder the same thing oh. the girl must be more than an angel. lol. by the way, I concur with you. Real talk!!!

    2. Lol... let nature take it placee... bro code.

    3. Lol... let nature take it placee... bro code.


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