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Every girl's dream after being successful is to get married to the kind of guy they want. Same goes for guys; we wanna settle down with that girl the moment  we feel we're ready.
But being ready for marriage isn't only financial readiness. You need to be mentally and spiritually ready for that life long journey.

Giving a girl a ring doesn't really change anything about the relationship. You still remain boyfriend/girlfriend and anyone can break up at will without any lawyers. 

Here's the deal;
Always remember and have it at the back of your mind that if you marry a man or woman, you marry his/her nuclear and extended families as well. It would always be a go from your spouse. But what about the family? Do they share the same moral and spiritual values as you do? Can you stay under the same roof with them comfortably even when your spouse is not there?

A lot of marriages break up even during conception and speaking from experience, many of these divorces are caused by the fact that the man or woman failed to know and understand the kind of families they're getting into. You already know your spouse, thats great. I read a story recently about a woman who had a baby and her mother-in-law breastfeeds the child whenever shes not there, and her husband supports the mother. This is something you will not see coming but if the parents are religious, the mother wouldn't go giving your baby rotten nipples to suck from wrinkled breasts that have no milk to offer. 

We should always lookout and be our own jury. Not every "will you marry me" with an expensive ring and a g-wagon deserves a yes. Be your own jury. Ask yourself questions and even after accepting a proposal, be prepared. The evil bad belle ones will strike. YES!!! They will strike. I'm speaking from experience. They would come in different shapes and sizes and try to use your past to pull you down.


Keep your business with your spouse as lowkey as possible. 

No third parties. 

Show your bobo's mother that you can do better than her. Let her have that security.

Often times, when issues begin to come, different pastors are called into the matter. Different friends are involved. When this happens, you will get misled and miss your way. 

The best way to go about an issue is to face one direction. Don't t'òjú bô ìlé like yorubas will say. 

I'm definitely gonna give marriage another shot and by God, I will not miss. Many of us have been through various relationship problems. We should use our past experience to improve on ourselves. Don't make the same mistake twice.  

If he beats you, RUN!!!

If she's a witch, take her for deliverance.

If he/she shows you love, reciprocate and appreciate.

If his/her family loves you, adore them even more. If they give you problems, continue to show them love and pray for them.

We all have different opinions but God's way is always the ultimate. 

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  1. True... but thats the problem with the current generation, they are too materialistic inclined..

  2. Alexis (sparkles)20/2/16 13:31

    Your absolutely right idide...Various reasons ought to be considered before taking some life long decisions. But my own qquestion is, how well can you know your man or lady,to be absolutely sure that such things won't happen.
    People pretend a lot u know?

    1. The reason why I advice people not to just jump into marriage like that. Take your time to learn as much as you can about your partner n his/her family. Go really deep. Never just assume.

  3. People pretend alot but God reveals all. Prayer is key. Keep praying and Gof will show you what you need

    1. Well said Idide. Thanks a lot for sharing :)


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