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Gift From The Ex

With Valentine's day around the corner, love is definitely in the air and people be up in their feelings.
In the midst of all the craziness and mushiness, if as a married woman your ex gets you a Range as a gift on val's day, please would you accept?

Ha!! Dear Ex kilode? See groove oh. So when you were still dating nothing like this happened. Now somebody is married, you just like that got someone's wife a Range Rover? Issokay...this is very very easy to handle.

Now if you're in this position, sweetheart don't panic. Don't get worried about what your husband will think. Just tell your husband someone from your past is doing philanthropy work and needs help in spending his money. Tell him every single thing oh,leave nothing out. If your husband is a true African man, and to even make it better a concentrated nigerian man...when thy ex brings the range rover,the both of you will go out and thank him. Your husband should give the thank you speech "Wow,we thought St.Valentine only existed in the days of old,but you have proved us wrong. Thank you for extending your kindness. My wife and I appreciate." didn't beg him abi? Take that car please. Accept it with joy. Maybe he's atoning for his sins, you might really be helping him. Take the car,let your husband take you in it for a romantic spin or whatever you want to do for valentine. Sex away your life in it. Ya not owing anybody anything. Enjoy it.

So yes! I will take it with a thankful heart and tell the ex to live long and prosper eh. Lol.

You people know sometimes I play too much before someone else will say I'm the cause of a marriage falling apart. What will you do if you were the lady? Men, how will you handle the situation if it were your wife? Let's talk sweethearts. Talk with Krystal.

P.s: Krystal is not married. If you have spare Range Rover you are not using, please you can as well let me know. Lol Kisses :* :*


  1. If it was my wife,lol... what is range rover, it will only fade away after some time. I would just send a cold thank you to the man. After a month or so, would sell the car, give some money to the orphanage and also do sum unnecessary spending plus party and invite the dude to cum eat his money. Lol, what is rangerover, when I would have a g wagon,lexus, ford, Ferrari and ko' agera R in my garage

    1. Kukuma!! Tell your wife not to accept now, if you'd have all that.. Lol!!

  2. Reject it. If your husband no send then take it, sell it and spend the money on your family.

    @Krystal I get picture of Range. Marry me na.

    1. Lwkmdh Ben abeg who picture hep???

  3. I'll send a thank you note, and pay them a thank you visit... then get in touch with his wife's ex and help him buy her a Yatch.
    As an igbo man... that car can clear 6 containers sha...just saying.

  4. Chi mo u guys re funny I swear down lol

  5. Krystal abeg collect d pic na

  6. Maybe d real range go manifest for ur garage hahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahaha

  7. I will gladly accept and even make him come so close to the family, who knows what he will give next year?? God might just be blessing my family from his pocket.. Lol!!

    1. Lwkmdh!!! Thank you! He might he God's instrument of blessings indeed