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How I Took Care of Myself In Pregnancy


Being pregnant comes with a lot of challenges. You will add weight, get used to a growing ramp, experience fatigue, back aches and sometimes nausea
Whichever the case, you will need to get used to every change that comes your way, appreciate your unborn child, and take care of your pregnancy so that you bear a healthy baby. This process can be quite demanding but any soon-to-be mom should boldly embrace it.
When I was pregnant with my first child I experienced all these changes. My morning vomiting and nausea persisted all through the first month of my first trimester. But I chose to take care of myself in the most appropriate way until I delivered my baby girl. Trust me there are a number of things you could do to make the experience memorable and is how I did it.
I read many pregnancy baby care posts. I wanted to understand every change that was taking place in my body. Reading online pregnancy posts, magazine publications, and also pregnancy reviews gave me that needful insight. I learnt what foods to consume, what exercises to do, and the different contractions to that I could experience until I reached my labor. It is from reading these posts that I also learnt that labor can come two weeks earlier or later from your due date.
I attended all the doctor’s appointments. The moment I tested positive for my pregnancy I sat down with doctor to draw up an ideal antenatal care plan that I could use. Antenatal care came handy whenever I required any good advice and timely medical checkups for any concerns that could arise. It helped me to remain prepared, embrace the many body changes that I experienced along the way, contain my morning nausea, and to receive timely medications.   
I started to use nutritional supplements. Initially I thought taking pregnancy vitamin supplements was harmful to my baby. But on talking to my doctor and after researching, I realized that they were in fact pretty helpful. They will boost every mineral and vitamins that you may require to the right levels and help your baby to receive adequate nutrition before birth. The moment I found out about this and how much I needed folic acid for healthy pregnancy I chose to use the supplements. Folic reduces on any birth defects and helps your baby to develop well.
I kept away from any expensive habits. Certain habits like I found out can be very harmful to the baby. They include smoking, heavy alcohol consumption, and use of any abused substances. In fact smoking can lead to premature birth, low birth weight, cot deaths, and miscarriage. It makes one to have high chances of ectopic pregnancy, placental abruption, and nausea. Alcohol on the other hand reaches your baby through the placenta and bloodstream. All these could have easily made me to lose my baby. Well I am not a smoker so I kept off the company of smokers. 
I exercised and chose remedial massage. In order to do away with constant fatigues, back aches, stress, irregular sleeping patterns, and to prepare myself for easy birth I chose to take remedial massage therapy from a pregnancy massage in Perth parlor  and exercised regularly. This often helped me to relax as massage therapy reduces stress hormone levels and left me with uniform sleeping patterns. I also used pelvic exercises to prepare my birth canal for easy birth.
I avoided over the counter medications. Don’t get me wrong. Well from time to time I used over the counter medications but sparingly. Again I only used them whenever I was advised with my doctor to do so. My obstetrician helped me a lot in determining the most ideal medications and their respective quantities. In fact according to, using un-prescribed forms of over the counter medications can lead to miscarriage and I didn’t want to expose my kid to that.
I stuck to a properly balanced diet. This is common sense but not even I thought about it. When I finally got the wind of it, I stuck to eating 5 -6 meals a day with well balanced nutrients. I took in plenty of carbohydrates, veggies and fruits, and daily servings of proteins more so in my final trimester as my obstetrician advised me to take up to 200 calories a day. This would allow the baby to achieve the right birth weight.
My final word is this, for any mom-to-be, have a professional midwife by the side, eat well, use recommended supplements, and read ideal websites like for additional tips. If you do this, I hope you’ll give birth to a healthy baby.

Jess is a loving mother of two. She is a trained nurse and an avid reader. Jess loves to write about family health, child care, and home care topics. She has been contributing on a number of blogs and has very high many fans who love her content. She is also associated with a business for over five years now.


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