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How much cooking, cleaning and washing should a girl have to do for someone she's just dating?
This one is very easy naw... Ladies you would agree with me that the fact you are dating someone does not make him your husband yet. So before you start doing and acting like someone's maid, berra just chill.

If a guy has no plans of getting serious with you in future, no amount of cooking or cleaning can change his mind. Woh! If you like cook delicacies of different ethnic groups, even wash his jeans with your hands, scrub oh, wash his really smelly boxers...nne ya just stressing yourself.

If you're trying to prove to him that you're wife material 100 yards, fine. Cook when you want to, like just surprise him. Don't do it because you're scared he wants to leave you or you want him to stay. If he wants you cooking everyday for him, he should go ahead and wife you. Not to be making unnecessary demands like he's testing you. Haba, you will finish cooking for him and those his friends that know he's playing away match, and still get yourself hurt in the end. Save your cooking skills for the main booboo.

And don't break your hand because you are washing his clothes. Biko if he doesn't have a washing machine so that you'd just try and help him out small, he better handle his shii himself. Shoo..did he bring anyone from his village to come and be doing boi-boi for him? Mtschew!!

Please and please oh, love your man the best possible way, kill him with love but don't become a slave in return. You are not his wife!!! Even many wives don't break their backs like that.

Soooooo...whether you agree with me or not, abeg talk your own. Talk with Krystal ;)


  1. Anonymous9/2/16 00:03

    that's what I keep telling girls but they never listen!!


  2. Anonymous9/2/16 00:05

    please don't cook at all!! don't do pim.

  3. cooking or washing of clothes can never serve as a proof to b qualified as a wife bcus love in marriage is something else. but only true love can lead u.....

  4. Asin me ehen if I even boil hot water for you ehen, go for thanksgiving on Sunday������

    1. Anonymous9/2/16 17:55

      lols! Like seriously? Then u will always take soft drink and biscuit when you visit him! #Lobatan

  5. Anonymous9/2/16 17:54

    This is serious ooo! But some people here will say 'don't cook' yet they are chief cook in front of their men!!! lips sealed!

  6. Even if you're married, you have no business being a slave. If your man asks and you're ok with cooking, do it otherwise walk away.

  7. If you can't do what u call "d role of a wife", then do not expect him playing the role of a husband to you either (like buying u dat
    Iphone, Ipad, helping u out with ur school fees, rent, regular data subscription for ur phone, to mention but a few). Shikena!!!!!!

    1. Lol! Ha! Uncle do u do al that??? I hail oh

  8. If she can't go d extra mile, she should never expect him to go the extra mile either. Gaskiya!!!!!!! Krystal, I don talk my own oh!!!

  9. Alexis (sparkles)12/2/16 19:43

    ������cook,wash,break my bones,(Hell NO!!)I literally won't advice any girl to start this off just immediately.
    Its okay,if you wanna show him that you can do all of those,and probably prepare one of your delicacies for him and friends...but in the name of God,don't make it a routine,at least not now,before you realize that you've been wasting your time...If for any reason you now find out he's been playing u,nne it won't be that bad,at least what you'll be thanking God for is he didn't get you pregnant.... And you will not sound like this..."God will punish you for doing this to me,after I washed,cooked,scrubed,did all you asked,on top of it you got me pregnant... Aah it will never be well with you"'ll sound like this instead..."Its not your fault, thank God I didn't stress myself too much,and you didn't give me extra load,biko onto the next one jare,better ones ahead"..
    L.O.L..I don talk my own.


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