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Asides love and patience,humility is one very rare virtue humans should aspire to have. No one is perfect yeah? But we should learn that humility along side other virtues goes a long way to make us extraordinary people in life. Till date,I still don't understand how people pretend they are who they're not and be so ridiculously proud like they in fact own the universe. Who are you deceiving? The saying "Pride goes before a fall" is really powerful.

Don't wait to learn the hard way. I used to be a bit of a proud brute myself but I had to ask myself "why??.. What am I trying to prove?" Ask yourself the same. Ask yourself why people like Dangote and Zuckerberg don't need to blow their trumpets.

There's more to life than meets the eye. Humble yourself that God will raise you. Set a goal this month to be better humans. Aspire to be great...stay humble.

Have a beautiful and lovely February. And yes ejor, I need a val *wink*


  1. Humility is a rare gift. Well said...

  2. some pple confuse self-love with pride, humility with stupidty. it takes an intelligent mind to identify a rare gift such as humility.
    Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth; matt 5 : 5.

  3. Well said... if d son of God (jesus) could humble himself by becoming obedient to d point of death, even death on a cross. Who are we? Mere mortals.. humility is key

  4. I have also been thinking about this for a while now myself..... Well said dear..I now remember the saying empty vessels make loud noise "anytime I am about to raise my shoulders I remember that" I also tell that success is achieved to help and inspire ppl :)

  5. Itzms_wendiee1/2/16 19:56

    @Chinat Makeover #word.. Humility is being who u are and u cnt be who u r without d GRACE of d ALMIGHTY..

  6. Those who are truly humble would always be exhaulted.... Amen!!!

  7. Those who are truly humble would always be exhaulted.... Amen!!!


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