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In the world we live in today, a lot of people tend to lead fake lives and not be true to their originality and individuality. Being a different person from whom you are behind closed doors does not only make your integrity and self worth questionable, but also causes you more discomfort. I mean the stress that comes with living two different lives all because you want to meet up to people's expectations must be really tiring.

Asides your integrity, consistency has a huge effect on you self image. If you're one type of person today and a different person tomorrow, people around you begin to wonder about your true nature. People have more respect for those for those who aren't trying to get respect or seek approval from others. When you do you, despite what anyone may think, those that are also real would be inspired by you.

Our society today is fueled by marketing because you have to be a particular way or have a certain resume or personality to get into friendships, relationships and job deals/offers. Why can't we be who we are and not conform to the ideal picture society expects us to have? Why can't we freely express our opinions and emotions that make us human instead of acting some way to get people's approval?
How many of you just decide to look good, not to impress anyone but for yourself? I've asked this question a couple of times to a few people and it's sad how difficult they could answer honestly. Most of us dress according to what some other person likes or wants.

Now see, anytime you're doing things with the sole purpose of impressing others or being popular, internalize it. Choose to impress yourself not just those around you. The approval of society should be a side effect of the way you live your life. Staying committed to your true self requires motivation from within. Not just being motivated to act in front of others, but also be the same person when there is no one looking at you.

Create your own brand and be unique. Yes I know first impression matters a lot. That doesn't mean you should be Vanessa when you are Nkechi to your parents. It doesn't mean you have to pretend to be someone you're not. It can really be tempting and seem easier to take shortcuts and go with people's opinions. Here's what you do. Whenever you see yourself focusing too much on what people may think, try to focus on yourself. Be strong and healthy for yourself. Choose to be happy for yourself. Go after a craft or profession because it's what you want, not to please anybody. You are enough motivation to yourself. Let who you are inspire others. Ignore negativity based on what others think of you. People will always talk to put you down and discourage you from something you believe in. Turn numb to such bad energy.

C'est finis. I just like talking too much like I know anything sef..Still though, Talk with Krystal.


  1. Oge Na why dat I dey the way I dey. Come read this master piece and Deal with it Abeg.

  2. If you keep being yourself you unknowingly impress. Especially if u dont hurt others. The impotant thing is living a peaceful life and building healthy relationships.

    1. You couldn't have said it better!! #Realtalk

  3. I believe in balance, be yourself and listen to critics in order to fill the void you couldn't notice. We learn everyday, so also need ideas and thoughts of others. A wise man believe he doesn't knw it all. Some pips may push yu in a direction because they see it fit for yu, yu may not notice but later appreciate the benefit. "We dont knw it all" #oyaDab

    1. Yea you have a point.I mean we should learn from others too yhyh,we really can't be perfect. But all I'm saying is, we should not choose to be someone else just so they would be happy with us. Some opinions really don't matter,not if u're living ryt and not hurting anyone like Suh said above. In all, you've indeed kept it real. Well valued ;*