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Many times we've been guilty of hastily and irrationally assuming and jumping into conclusions based on very limited information.
We act so soon without even thinking through the whole thing carefully. We've jumped into conclusions in business, academics, friendships, marriages..infact any sort of relationship we're involved in.

Why so? As humans, we tend to be radically insensitive to the quality and quantity of information we receive which in the end gives rise to intuitions and impressions. This attitude of deciding and concluding without all the facts can have devastating results as relationships tend to be broken and profits in businesses or even lives may be lost.

Sometimes jumping into conclusions can be advantageous as it can be associated with leadership and good intuitions or initiatives especially in the medical field where lives have to be saved promptly. However it is always best when you have all the facts gathered to be able to act right. Sometimes even doctors themselves assume based on signs and symptoms and in the end have their assumptions proven wrong in laboratory test results..

With human relationships, the reason most of us jump the gun upon receiving information is either we think some said persons don't like us or are against us for a particular reason or that you have too much trust in the person relaying the information. Other times we misunderstand the concept of what really may have happened and place judgement without hearing from the other party.

Now it's ok to get a bit worked up when you hear some stuffs, but rather than believing "hearsays" totally, get the confirmation you need from the horse itself. Calmly talk things over. Whether or not they are lying (we can never really tell), there would always be some other way of getting your facts right. Like if you think your spouse is lying or hiding things from you, ask him/her and take it up from there. Even in businesses and contracts, be sure you know what you're getting into. Never just assume based on what one or two persons may have told you. Review every single detail.  Weigh the pros and cons. 

Trust me once you stop deciding based on rumors, incomplete or baseless facts and assumptions, most things in your life would begin to fall in place. You live happier and lighter as your mind is devoid of hate, doubt and fear. Talk to that person you may have judged too quickly today and set yourself free. Life is a lot simpler than we think.

Well it's a lovely Sunday ain't it? Enjoy it and while at it, Talk with Krystal ;)


  1. Nice one! I CONCUR!!! 'You live happier and lighter as your mind is devoid of hate, doubt and fear'! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘πŸ»


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