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Our bodies require a daily intake of antioxidants to help eliminate toxic free radicals present in our systems. A lot of fruits and veggies contain what we need to maintain a healthy way of life. With most of what we take in on a regular being carbs and junk food, you would agree with me that we need to step up our regular intake of  antioxidants. One of such fruits that is so rich in antioxidants is MANGOSTEEN.

The mangosteen fruit which comes from a tropical evergreen tree has been shown to have off the charts antioxidants and is very beneficial to human health.

It gives potent support for the cardiovascular system, digestive system and circulatory system. Another interesting benefit of this fruit is that it could enhance cognition.

Mangosteen also appears to have anti inflammatory properties hence can be of great aid for people with dire menstrual cramps and even arthritis. 

This wonder fruit contains XANTHONES in the pericarp, whole fruit, heartwood and leave; making it highly anti-cancerous.

Add mangosteen to your meals regularly, after all, if you don't take care of your health....who will?? Remember health is wealth :)

RESOURCE: natural secrets drug companies don't want you to know by Mark .A. Stevens


  1. Dozie A.3/2/16 19:49

    Krystal, pls advise us on where and how to get the Mangosteen.

    1. Except you want to go to Asia, u can't really find the fruit here in this part of the world. However, its been incorporated into trevo health drink. So I think that should be enough

  2. I'm liking it already :D...the fruits name be sounding like its mango's cousin.

  3. I'm liking it already :D...the fruits name be sounding like its mango's cousin.

  4. Trevor is that thing really good , want to try it


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