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Some of us may have wondered if we were with the right one or if your partner was just there for sexual reasons. Others may have seen a sign or two to show them that the relationship is probably a lost cause. Well incase you still are not sure, here are a few pointers.

Your relationship is headed for the rocks if
  • You still have no idea what your partner loves you for.
  • You both are always fighting even on anniversaries
  • Your partner is probably a step down from your ex
  • Intimacy irritates you to the extent of wanting to take a shower afterwards
  • The sex is pretty ok but boring *yawns*
  • You can't even remember the first time you both got together.

Now if your relationship is solely sexual (based on infatuation and lust), you should have already known by now. It's very easy to pick up the signs. Still though, these should inform you
  • Your partner loves you for just your body
  • The sex is like mind blowing but that's just it, no emotional connection
  • An ordinary hug can get you all hot and sexually aroused.
  • One look at yourselves and all you can think of is having wild passionate sex.
  • You both never have long meaningful conversations.
  • Your partner is probably still having other sexual relationships outside

And I know y'all know when it's true, real and unconditional love abi? Some may still be doubting. But sweetie, you both are in love if
  • You always go to public places like movies and even get to discuss over lunch or a cup of coffee.
  • A hug from your partner in front of others makes you feel proud that he/she is in your life.
  • Your partner loves you for your soul and everything you are (vice versa).
  • You trust your partner enough to try new things when he/she suggests them.
  • You both exchange romantic gifts and kind gestures not just sex on anniversaries
  • The feelings he/she has for you are like a cozy warm bed on a cold winter's night {YES LORD!}
  • Your partner gives you a hug, holds you close and tells you everything would be alright when you get upset.
  • There's an intense deep emotional connection when you guys are intimate, and you fell all happy and overly excited.
  • He/she makes you feel very loved and cared for, compared to your previous relationship.
  • Your partner shares your values.

I'm no expert though, but I'm sure that if not all, most of what I've said here no be lie. So know ye this day which category your relationship falls under...LOL. If you feel otherwise, talk with Krystal in the comment section *wink* :)


  1. Lemme seat and watch, while waiting for the pros to comment because dunno if I have been in lust, love or lost sef. Been looking for love, lust sef try sha...

  2. Make i join you wait for replies cos i no kw the meanings of both lust and lost but i don love tire!!!!

    1. Lol the both of you though. I'm pretty sure you guys know more than what you're letting out sha. Jaywon you say u don love tire? U sure say na love u enter?lol check well oh

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