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I met him a couple of years back. It was not love at first sight but we connected and as years past I was into him even more. I loved him more than my self!!!
He was everything I wanted. But I noticed one thing... he never introduced me to his family. I never really met his friends, his phone was top secret. Even when he'd go through mine and chase my male friends away. I really didn't care; as long as I had him or thought I did, it was fine.

We dated for over 5 years. I remember I would come back from school and see a lady's under wear in his house and he'll just tell me it's his cousin's. Although I knew he was lying, it didn't matter. I told him all my secrets. He was my best friend. He made me believe I was the only one. We would talk nothing less than 3 times daily. Call me stupid but that's what love does to you. I would take the risk of traveling all the way from school spend over 6 hours on the road just to see him. Until I started seeing posts of a lady that was recurring rather too much in his pictures. And I asked him and he finally opened up to me.

He told me the girl was his mom's friends daughter and that his mom wanted him to marry her but that he loved me. I was hurt cause I didn't know what to believe and I know Igbo people are very particular about who their kids marry and in this case, my guy was too close to his mum.

Shortly after, my dad passed and he proposed almost immediately. I needed time to mourn my dad. I could not just get married immediately. He told me he was under pressure and he wanted to get me pregnant but I was not going to let it go down like that . And we kept on talking after that but we were distant. He started traveling to the village a lot and he'll call me up at mid night and swear he loves me. At a point I became worried and confused....suddenly I tried going through his Facebook wall one time and I noticed he had blocked me. Then I used a friend's phone and I saw wedding pictures of him and that same girl.

I almost died cause he was all I had. I was too embarrassed to tell my friends so I cried alone on my bed; I was broken . It wasn't enough I lost my dad...I had lost the love of my life too. I called him immediately and he told me not to do anything stupid and that we needed to talk. He was so calm. I was horrified, to think he had been using me for the past years. When I got back from school, I went straight to his place. He then explained to me that it was all his family's idea and that he didn't lift a finger to plan the wedding. He just went along and till date the girl still lives in the UK. He told me to give him sometime to sort things out. "He still loves me".

I went along with it for a while until it hit me!!! I'm beautiful, smart and men are all over me. Why let this man make me second best wen I can be someone else's number one. If I mattered that much he would have stayed with me. Every time I tried breaking up with him it seemed impossible but with time I was able to and today I'm married to a man that worships the ground I walk on. You can't go forward if you're stuck on your past. I would not have settled down if I still allowed my past to continue lingering. That's my story.

Until you break out of the chains of such relationships, you might not get what God has destined for you originally. So many of us are in such relationships. We see signs that tell us things but we ignore them and get hurt. Every woman deserves to be number one and to be treated like a queen. It's OK to make mistakes but one should also be quick to learn from them. 
The writer's identity has been withheld for personal reasons. You really can't believe the way I felt when I received it. First I'm honored to have shared your experience with the world dear. It takes some guts to expose other people to your truth. Thank you indeed.

The last part of her story says it all. Some of us are still entangled in relationships that could hinder what exactly God has in stock for us. It's time to break free and get to whom or what you deserve. Yes we all make mistakes, but that's the beauty of life being a teacher so don't dwell on them too long. Learn quickly and get on with your life. Never play the second fiddle. No matter how much you think you may be in love, choose to be number 1. Don't be deceived by selfish humans who have come to take the years of youth by keeping you away from your destiny. YOU DESERVE THE BEST. Choose to be treated like royalty. Choose to be loved and adored. Choose to be truly beyond measures, HAPPY!

Have an amazing week ahead making the right choices. And remember to Talk with Krystal ;)


  1. True talk, it feels so bad to lose the love of your life... happy yu finally strong to take the bull by its horns.

  2. Anonymous29/2/16 15:00

    Oops! Some men can be MEANNNNNNNN! Chai! May God help guys!

  3. Replies
    1. You do right? I'm happy this got to people :)

  4. A story like this is really a lesson to many.. Its really not easy to pick up your broken self,especially when you think you're alone. Bravo Lady anonymous.
    God help usus.


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