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News reaching us is that P-Square's Glo ambassadorship may likely not be renewed after their contract ends in a few months time. GHEN GHEN!! They may be dropped alongside Sammy Okposo and Burna Boy. OH SNAP!
Sources have it that their names have been penciled to be dropped by Globacom after feedback from management but the chairman can change his mind anytime. But at the moment, it doesn't look like they will be renewing their contracts with these artists when it expires
But why P-Square who recently received cars from the telecoms giant, and Peter sef who got sponsorship for his dance reality show?

Well according to a source of the source of this gist (lol), one reason was the way Peter handled "The Dance With Peter show". It is said that he did not really handle the show well and that he insisted on things that were not part of the contract with Glo. He brought in Akon and made a lot of demands. He held up recording of the finale for hours and everybody from Glo left. Another reason is his fight with his brothers. The telecom company is not sure if they will remain P-Square so right now they are not planning to renew their contract. You see how all this unnecessary drama dey mess people up?
As for Burna Boy, his own has to do with how he's been conducting himself in public and Sammy Okposo is said not to be of much public relevance now plus he's been with Glo for a long time and they need new faces...chai!
People what do we think about this?