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So Valentine's day has come and gone...
yea I didn't make a post yesterday because I knew y'all would be busy doing your thing. Some of y'all were at some fancy dinner, some were cuddled up all day in love, some partied with their homies(single and happy humans).. The dps and profile pictures I saw yesterday were just depressing me ni.. People like me that were in church praying all day though...sigghhh..hahaha

Lol. How many of you came into 2016 with hopes of getting a boo before val's day? I know it happened for some people...the others though,how market? Valentine don pass. Even the ones that had "prospects"...kai! No show till now

Don't worry. Say after me "2016 is our year!!" Snag that bae!! Ladies enter your instagram dm, facebook inbox, bbm and whatsapp messages and berra answer all those admirers. You dunno how God wants to use and bless you with a partner. Abeg Shiloh Camp is not our portion. Guys abeg I dunno if you people don't like true love. But shame the devil and confess to that girl you have been stalking haba!!

As for the rest of you that enjoyed the valentine with their loved ones,married folks and serious relationship people..I hope u get to make everyday as special as Valentine's day. Pray your love grows each day in the truest and realest form. And I'd like to believe that y'all extended some act of love and kindness to the less privileged. If you didn't yesterday, do so today and always.

Meanwhile, those of you that played home and away matches yesterday..I hope you played safe oh before you embark on nine months journey..You people will be using val's day to do plenty things..Issorai..

That's by the way though. Always remember that God is love, love is God. Please love Him first, love yourself, love your partner and show love to everyone around you.

Still in the Spirit of Love...Krystal loves all of you amazing blog readers that are always on the lookout for the next post. Have an amazing week ahead. Kisses :*


  1. Anonymous15/2/16 11:02

    lols! @Krystal, by "2016 is our year!!" do you mean you are single? If yes, your prayers are answered already!!!! lols!

  2. Anonymous16/2/16 09:16

    Nicx write November we will all see the product of valentines day for those dat played home nd away matches without their boots......


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