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Anyone dating or married to a doctor would definitely totally agree with me that doctors are remarkably awesome human species.
Now if you're wondering why, this would make a good and interesting read for you...and probably get you all eager to be with one *wink*

First of all, doctors are sooooo good looking. Both male and female doctors are very very hot..they're like a breath of fresh air. They have this star-striking effect that literally every single thing they may be saying to you makes no sense; you'd just be moping like a mumu.. lol

Doctors are smart and have pretty good IQs. If you've ever spoken to one then you'd understand what I mean. The way they speak..with so much knowledge and wisdom. You'd begin to question your own intelligence. 

They make awesome listeners as they'd hardly ever interrupt you to give their own opinions. They listen attentively and never get tired of listening to you.

Another good reason to be with a doctor is that they are not clingy. You won't feel suffocated; you have the luxury of personal space. All they do is shower you just the right amount of love and affection, never go over the top . You get to enjoy a lovely relationship and still have your normal social life,you see?

These beautiful set of people are good at making commitments. They'd hardly give up on you,not unless there's an absolute genuine reason to end things. It may interest you to know that they are really sweet trustworthy people and it's hard for them to break your heart because they understand no amount of meds can heal a broken cute is that?

Doctors are financially stable. They earn so well, are comfortable and can afford to treat u like a queen/king you of the perks you really just can't ignore.

Doctors make strong and dependable partners as they hardly get panicky, are very handy so can fix basic issues at home... It's like they're a totally Strong support system. You need a doctor aswear hahaha.

Noww...when it comes to matters in the bedroom, sweethearts, doctors are at the top of the pyramid (please this is from those that have experienced oh). They are so sexy and considering they know the anatomy of the human body, trust them to know just the right spots to get you to that particular cloud... If you've never gotten there, need a doctor to fix your problems..LMAO!!

With doctors, almost nothing grosses them out; not your periods, your cramps, your scars,not your allergies or you puking on them..nada!! They'd rather clean up your mess. You can totally be free around them because they have seen and treated almost everything.

Again, trust your parents not to say no to the relationship or marriage with a doctor. It's like some form of honor/prestige considering the respect given them. The pride you yourself would have with a doctor by your side, it's a good feeling. Lest I forget, you get free health checkups too ya know ;)

Ngwanu go and get yourself a doctor. But I didn't tell anyone to leave his/her partner oh or to just be looking for doctors alone. Please before someone writes me and says I shattered his/her relationship. Na talk I dey talk. Talk your own. Say what you think. Real Talk..Talk with Krystal babies ;* ;)


  1. Hahahaha and see me already thinking of how to scope one doctor. If you don't get a doctor opt for a pharmacists dey can also get u almost as much as a doctor can

  2. Agreeded! Doctors/ pharmacists/ nurses...

  3. Doctors a lie... I prefer nurses before doctors. The ranking should be;

    Nurses,engineers,lawyers,doctors,artists,pharmacist, bankers then nnunu

    1. Ha Chinazor!! What type of big lie is this?? Hell is real oh!! Lmao

  4. Anonymous10/2/16 22:07

    People get married for different reasons, if your reason is because you are unstable in every sense of the word then i guess @krystal is right.


  5. Professional Footballers all the way! Extremely fit and hot species *fyi i cant stand fat boys*. Then the money they make in weeks OMG! Then the trips, the i really love football...i'll def be his no1 die hard fan

    1. Oh dear Lord now I'm reconsidering my options ei!!

  6. Anonymous12/2/16 09:22

    Krystal is a doc too right?

    1. I could be your doc if you like *wink*


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