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Senator Murray-Bruce Accused Of Discrimination

Soooo we know Senator Ben Murray-Bruce recently had his 60th birthday celebration on the 19th of February yea?
Well, asides the glitz, glamorous and dignitaries that graced the occasion held at Eko hotel, the dear senator also invited some UNILAG students whom were deeply aggrieved and disappointed with how they were treated. They accused the senator of discrimination against them as they were reportedly made to sit in different section of the venue and served with lower quality refreshment (lol, nawa oh so they had two different classes of refreshment? wondering whether it was because they knew students were coming).
(Lwkmdh! Ah is it Teem can drink they gave them?? Where the better better wine dey?)

Anyway, this event pained one of the students that attended (Abidemi Adesokan) that he naw wrote an article "Who is Genuine in Nigeria?"
Read the full article below:
“Senator Ben Murray Bruce turned 60 yesterday, he took the opportunity to launch his book “The Common Sense Revolution” but it’s sad to see that the event in its totality portrays the average Nigerian Politician.
“Usually, I hate to attend these so called “Big” events but it was Ben Bruce, the common sense guy, I jumped at the opportunity to go with my department, department of Mass Communication, University of Lagos, as we were invited with a letter and we were feeling all important. We didn’t know it was an invitation to humiliation.
“At the venue, we were told to go upstairs, we didn’t mind, as they said that area was reserved for students. Getting there, I realized it was a perfect view to watch the “Elites” wine and dine. Still, we didn’t care. We only began to care when the ceremony kept going on and all tables kept getting additional contents and we were just there, like Observers. Don’t forget that we were invited, as I said earlier.
“While all of that kept happening, I still didn’t care because they said every guest will get a free copy of the book. I wanted the book so, I waited on. At the end, only the guests got the Book. I had to look at our invitation to be sure we were guests. Yes, we were guests but the stiff class stratification that Senator Bruce Criticizes came to play.
“It’s so sad to see that the actions of the Common Sense Guy justifies the “Common Sense is not so common” statement.
“Since I know it’s all fake, I’d like to give a professional PR advice. It’s so bad, if you invite Nigerian students, who will, to a large extent, determine your political success, to an event only for them to watch you and your rich friends dine. Their votes aren’t even enough.
“Writing a book about Common Sense doesn’t actually make you have Common Sense. We aren’t hungry people. We are Unilag Students and we are contented with what we have, we wouldn’t go to shop 10 to sweet-talk anyone about common sense, just to get rice.
“Happy Birthday, Senator Ben! Thanks for the deceit, segregation and above all, thanks so much for the Palm oil made Jollof Rice with a meat-like object.
“I am Abidemi Adesokan, A concerned Nigerian Student who believes there is hope for Nigeria, but Bruce isn’t just that guy.”

Kai!! Painment was real though.
The senator has sha apologized to them via his twitter account and said he would send his books that were supposedly shared and didn't get to them..

Errmm...can he add some money to compensate them too na with the books please, who book hep?? lol just kidding.


  1. I wish this wasn't true but what do you expect from a politician? It's all a facade.

  2. I wonder where was dis guy with his common sense talk talk b4, lol.

  3. He had better add money to that compensation... He's messing with students..Unilag for that matter.Mtscheww!!


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