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Should Broke Guys Date/Marry or Nah?

This one is quite tricky...some people will start being jumpy, but before you run faster than your shadow,let's talk shall we?

The general belief these days is that girls don't want a broke person simply because he can't offer anything financially. I won't lie,there's some truth to that but its not quite the full picture.

Girls these days actually have their own (most of them), but who on earth would see poverty and enter with their two eyes open? You sef that is the guy, knowing how things are for you,why would you want something that you cannot take care of?

Some of you will say "love is everything". Brethren it is not enough oh. No be love you go chop. Now I'm not saying ladies should not stick by their man when he's having it rough. Support him as much as you can. But biko, if you are the one who doesn't have shi shi or kobo to his name, do yourself a favor,as in really pirry yourself and leave women for now.  Don't go trying to spend money you know you don't have.  Save it till you are ready.

The way ladies are set up now, no one wants a man they feel will not be respected by their family and friends or will be disgracing them in public because of "owo".  Do you know how broke guys look in relationships/marriages? Stingy, the relationship will be boring (unto no outings as some guys have issues with the female paying the bills).

I actually encourage ladies to make their own money and not depend on their partners for anything, so that every other thing  is just an added advantage. But don't settle for less than you deserve, and don't just base your relationship on money either.

This is me just talking sha oh. Lemme learn from you too. Talk with Krystal :)


  1. Well said, broke guys should not date, likewise broke girls should not date too ������.

  2. Yh I support the fact that ladies should make their own money, it gives u a sense of independence from your man. I personally hate the thought of having to depend on a man for everything. Am my own Boss.

  3. As lady,you should be able to earn it to avoid insults but that doesn't mean that a girl should enter a relationship where she will have to babysit the guy.
    Guys should be capable enough to provide for their don't have to be dangote for you to be able to make your woman smile.

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  5. lets do this for love. Rich or Poor, love is above

  6. Anonymous3/2/16 15:57

    What do the 2 people value..The guy can have all the money and still cheat on the gal..what does the gal value in the or love ??


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