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If you've ever lost anyone to suicide, you can attest to the type of pain that cuts through your soul;
The fact no one or thing killed him/her but's sad, very sad. A lot of people have labeled suicide victims as weak, wicked(because of the pain caused to the family and friends)  and dumb.

As much as I understand how bad those affected feel, I can't really judge anyone that has attempted or committed suicide. I'd rather we try to understand and make sense out of it. Why do people commit suicide? There's no straightforward answer really to that question.

Someone who suffers depression has a high risk of committing suicide. Over 90% of people who die by suicide had clinical depression or some other form of mental disorder. Other times could be due to alcohol or substance abuse. This just tells us that they were not sick but their brains were.

Never assume that someone's suicidal attempt or ideation is just to get sympathy or prove a point. It is rather a big cry for help that should not be ignored. It tells you something is very's not like they actually want to die. They had to end some form of pain. They may have feelings of despair and hopelessness... You must have heard of students committing suicide; such students may have been frustrated due to constant failure and difficulty. Heartbreak and betrayal too can drive someone to a state where the brain decides the only way to feel better is ending it all. Some people just want peace of mind and their brain figures "how about you just rest in peace?" Even some kids and teenagers suffer the fear and horror of bullying and loneliness and try to escape by taking their own lives.

I could go on and on... But all I'm trying to say is we should not be too quick to judge anyone for attempted or completed suicide. For a minute try to imagine what may have caused his/her actions. Empathize!

If you suffer depression and have suicidal ideations, talk to helps a lot. Encourage yourself and believe you can defeat depression. Remind yourself you don't really want to die, you have so much to live for. Above all, love yourself.

If you know anyone really depressed or has attempted suicide before, love and support that person. Do not judge, do not scold, do not get hostile, do not run away from them. Embrace them. Do not start quoting bible and going all religious on them preaching that suicide is a sin and all doesn't help them, not one bit.

And to those that have lost loved ones to suicide, forgive them and love them in death... forgive yourself if you feel its your fault. As much as you can, keep praying for them.

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  1. Dozie A.6/2/16 17:12

    I know for some persons, ending it once and for all brings to an end their sufferings.......but what they do not consider is that this action that brings and end to their suffering kick-starts the suffering of those they leave behind. Suicide is never the best way to go

    1. You're right, its never ever the best option. But they dunno, not when their brains are telling them otherwise

  2. Suicide is never the answer, it really doesn't take away anything rather it brings grieve and pain to the once u leave behind.


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