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Test drive or Not?

I had this encounter with a cab driver sometime ago. We got talking and I was amazed and amused with the things he said. He gisted me about a very pretty vibrant lady who got married only to discover that her husband was not so sexually "alive". Lemme break it down like he did...

He said the said lady's husband couldn't get his "pee-pee" up sometimes and that when he finally got to do it, he would not last 10 it was as if once his "third leg" entered her garden he would have reached heaven and back already. Omoh,my laughter that day na die.

My laughter was cut short when the cabbie asked me "if na you wetin you go do?"... I just stared at him and looked away,then murmured "Its not my portion in Jesus name". He later continued with the gist, that the lady had to get herself someone else to service her engine before "the thing go knock"..and that she just didn't want the husband to feel offended so she kept mute and sorted her self out. Me naw onyeoma chukwu na shouted "why didn't she pray for him"... The look he gave me, if I was not his customer I'm sure he would have slapped me small. As he approached my gate he then told me,more like warned me sternly "My dear,you better check if your man's thing is working well before u marry one chance. If e no fit, just run"..lmao..all I could do was laugh

Now I'm asking you people, females especially. Should we take his thing for a spin first and be sure he's a Nwafor,son of the soil? Or just be hopeful and beg God he's a tiger in bed....

And if by mistake you happened to be in this lady's shoes, what would you rather have done?

Oya oya talk with may be helping someone out there ;)


  1. Well, I'm from a Christian background and all...the doctrine is against sex before marriage...hello church I am sorry nne na nna m make una no vex...God I'm very sure you understand why I have to see and taste(test) my man before I even carry him to my parents...small prick is not my portion...AMEN! But if I'm in the lady's slippers but godforbid I will teach the man how to foreplay and also buy him a make our sex life fun...but naaaaa! Cheating is out of it! I can't even cheat on my boyfriend not to talk of when he has graduated to husband

  2. Anonymous2/2/16 05:53

    @krystal, permit me to digress a lil.

    1. hw is a girl expected to know wich one is big prick or small prick? wen according to the bible u r meant to see and use only one prick all ur life [after marriage].

    2. some big prick sef cant do more dan 20 seconds.

    3. girls be yearning for big prick, wen dey see one now dem go say i no do again.

    my candid advise is, in marriage its for better for worse.if he got a tiny pee pee u av to teach him how to use it effectively. also invest some time in foreplay and head game before he enters your garden. God bless

  3. This is an easy one for me, test drive all the way pls. I rather taste first than regret later and then resort to cheating...I can't bear that guilt biko...ngwa byeeee

  4. Well, there r those that were experts and smth cripples their ability to raise their wee-wee after months/yrs of marriage. And sm that were novices and gradually perfected the act in matrimony. And their are obvious enochs from birth who ren't configured to function... these ones shld join ndi-father. That u tested and certified a car today doesn't guarantee it won't breakdown tmrw. God abhors it, there's a diff if u fall into sin, than to consciously 'with open eye' dey test engines dey go. Ogwu ka oha'm n'onu.


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