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Still on the petty business,
members of the NYPD and officers in Tampa, Florida are throwing all shades of pettiness as the law enforcement have vowed not to work for Beyoncé's future shows following her very controversial super bowl performance as they feel she promoted violence against cops. UGH!! White  people though. So speaking up against killing of black people is a crime? Nawa oh. They even had plenty guts to demand an apology from her...see real madness...wait tire!!

Anyways the keynote speaker at the Nation of Islam's Savior day, Minister Louis Farrakhan said the cops could keep their protection and that if no one else would do it, he'd do it himself. In his words "You not gonna offer her police protection, but the FOI (Fruit of Islam) will"

Well Beyoncé, not only the FOI, trust the beehive to buzz in to the rescue with full force for you. Totally definitely behind you and support you 100%!! SLLAYYYYYYYYYY TRICK!! 

Watch the full speech here