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What Went Wrong?

Remember yesterday I told my single ladies they should begin replying their messages on twitter, facebook, instagram and the rest.

Well some of them actually try to open up and get talking you know. However in the course of it, they begin to withdraw and just end any further interaction. Here's why

- You're probably not good looking enough. She must have gone through your pictures to check you out and uhm you just didn't cut it.

-You're not popular. Some girls think social media popularity equals celebrity in reality. So if people are not feeling you online, she's sure to just forget you.

-Dress sense.. Girls love men who can kill it when it comes to fashion. If your fashion sense is zero, just fly out of her DM. The way you look says a lot about you and the type of person you are.

-English skills.. Mehn if you're the type that gbagauns anyhow in comments and posts, forget abourrit. The way they will even delete or unfollow you sef....if you can't spell or use English correctly, don't enter some kain girls dms before they make a caricature out of your social media career.

-You're boring. Some guys can be so annoyingly boring eh. You want babe and you'd be killing her spirit with weak lines. She'd just K your statements and be gone.

-You're unnecessarily proud and pompous: asides few girls that just want you for money desperately, most ladies dislike guys that feel like they own the world and act like arrogant humans. Be forming something when the girl you're talking to may be way wealthier than you. Just kick rocks and bounce.

-For the love of Bae.. Most ladies would bail out on conversations that seem to be becoming too familiar so that they avoid being overly close and feel guilty like they're cheating on their partners. That has never stopped plenty people sha..after all don't you want true love too? Lol

Well that's about it. These are the few I managed to find out. So guys if you know what you need to do, do it.

Alright darlings, whatelse do you think may be the problem? Do you think it's really from the guys or the ladies are just being plain mean and silly?

Make we relate. Talk with Krystal ;)


  1. Anonymous16/2/16 18:03

    Ladies and things they like! They forget to consider what we like too! The two must meet, else OYO


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