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So on twitter yesterday,one of the radio stations asked a question which was "if you discover that your friend's bae was cheating on him/her, would you tell them?"..
The replies got me laughing and I thought it would make for some real talk yea?

Well, the old me would usually tell immediately; as in the speed I will use to report eh, "the flash" would just look slow. After all I care about her and would not want her to get hurt, plus my conscience won't let me because.. I mean I'm a loyal friend abi?

However!..with the "recent development" in friendships and loyalty, I have learnt it's just better to respect myself and mind my business. As in,enter kermit mode and be observing, before I come and receive insults that will reach my generations.

The truth is love can make some people very very foolish and stupid (please pardon my language). Like it can make every other person asides 'bae' look like they're after the so called relationship and want to scatter everything. People that are so blinded believe that their partner's word is A and Amen...every other person is just a hater.

So if you drink panadol for someone else's headache, brethren if your friend is under that love spell and the both of them still end up together, just prepare yourself for your baptism name "EP-BB"...You know? ENEMY OF PROGRESS + BAD BELLE. Lmao

Please I will not put asunder in any way. Abi she's happy? Good and fine, I'm so facing my work and sipping very hot tasty tea. I can't be blamed for nothing. I will just be praying that hopefully one day, na you go use your own hand find out..shikena!

That's for me anyways, what about you? Would you tell?? Talk with Krystal ;)


  1. Anonymous7/2/16 17:27

    Krystal u no lie!! me umma thip my tea haha

  2. I think it's best to tell and be at peace. so that whatever happens no blame would be given to you

  3. People tend to be hopeless romantic and don't believe when their boo is cheating. So whoever sees the boo cheating should just get proofs like pics and stuff and send to their friend with an unknown name . Then as a friend I will be giving hint to.
    What am saying is I won't tell in an instant , I will do it slowly and even make her know it herself so Dat trust won't ruin our friendship.

    1. Anonymous7/2/16 20:30

      You make a lot of sense tracy. @krystal that should be the best thing to do. Get proof and send some without them knowing its you.

  4. Anonymous7/2/16 21:44

    Minding your business doesn't hurt anyone,its cheaper and less stressful too.

  5. None of my business. I won't be the reason why the two of them break up

  6. Alexis (sparkles)12/2/16 19:26

    Some persons would hate you for the rest of your life and ask you why you had to say a word(these ones are blinded with bottles in their eyes) they can't hear that their boo is cheating even when they know its true.
    My best option is this,whether you wanna be loyal or not,tell that friend ooo,if they like they should hate you forever,but you have talk your own,and yes please speak with proof,so that it doesn't look like u wanna snatch (I fit think am like better still if you can't come out clean,follow Tracy's idea.


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