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Some employees at Facebook took out the "Black Lives Matter" and then replaced it with "All lives matter". This level of ignorance displayed by these people tries to shade what the Black Lives Matter Movement is all about and what they are fighting for (racial equality) We all deserve equality, but that doesn’t mean everyone gets it, so, that is why it is imperative to educate people about it!

So the oga at the top for Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, published a status to a private employees-only page yesterday where he shed light on the blatant disrespect that his black employees are facing. How can they scratch out “black lives matter” and replace it with “all lives matter” on Facebook’s famous signature wall. Even though only 2 percent of the company is Black, Zuckerberg acknowledged their struggles in America in hopes of educating the culprits and ultimately putting this behavior to an end.
Mtschew. Better white man wey get money plus sense.

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