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February, the month of love as they call it has come and gone. But I'd like to think March could be filled with even more love and happiness yea?

Today, be thankful for life in general. Be happy you've been availed another month to experience greatness and hope, for where there is life there is hope. No matter the experiences n the past month, good or bad, count them all joy.

Every month is a fresh start. Step into March like a gallant soldier about to win a war. Begin your month with so much faith in your craft and remember that faith without good works is bound to be fruitless. Become an achiever and a go-getter. Start with baby steps. Be relentless in your efforts to live the life you deserve. Live right and be just n your doings. Love truly and be loved in return. Try new tings, be spontaneous..... Free yourself from negative energy and embrace positive vibes.

Be confident in what you do and dismiss your fears. Accept your strengths and weaknesses because they make you who you are (and who you're not). Don't waste your precious time comparing yourself to others and wishing to be something you're not. Do your own thing and trust it would yield good in due course. And above all, never forget to place God first.

Finally, may your days this month be painted in gold and as you face more challenges, may you have more opportunities and greater success. May all your dreams be clear and your determinations and spirits be unshaken.

So have the best month yet and keep your dreams alive. Don't forget to keep it real this month with yours truly, Krystal :). Much love


  1. Amen... So much hope in your words Krystal. As you lift people up so you shall be lifted up. Inspirational.


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