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It's interesting the things most of us believe when it comes to "SEX".
 I've heard and gone along with some really funny and crazy stuffs which shouldn't even make sense to an educated person..kai! Anyways, if you've fallen prey to such myths about sex and sexuality, you'd be thrilled by this post as I'm about to list out all them false stories and give you the truth. Oya leggooo

So, many ladies believe that penis size is directly proportional to sexual satisfaction. In other words, the bigger the penis, the better the sex. I'm sorry to inform you that it's a big lie. Why? A big penis actually misses the G-spot completely as the G-spot is located two inches inside the vajayjay and some guys with big Ds can't get the angle to give you a g-spot orgasm. To get such an orgasm, you need to get the right angle with the right amount of pressure (so researchers and experts say). It only boils down to individual preferences but size definitely has nothing to do with satisfaction. If he hits it right, it's just because he's good at it.

Another myth is that the taste of semen is affected by foods and beverages. Yoooo...this one is very very common, I hear it almost every time. It is not possible to modify the taste of semen. Yes some taste differently (again I'm just saying based on science oh!!) but that is only due to the varying levels of sodium content in the semen.

And then we always hear guys talk about "wet dreams" so people think it's just guys that have them. Well if you didn't know,  more than 40% of women have wet dreams too even more than guys do on a normal day.

Another fallacy is that men cheat more than women......errrrrrmmmmm that used to be true before oh. But damn women have metamorphosed into extremely sexual beings I can't even begin to vouch for any woman being faithful to one man. I've learnt that the female species now like to explore their sexuality a lot and are looking for new things to try. So yea, women cheat just as much as men (or even more).

How many of us have heard that men that are not circumcised satisfy their women better than those circumcised? Again, na lie!! Circumcision has zero effect on sensitivity or satisfaction.

This next fact I'm about to prove false now...some people will freak because they are guilty of it. Some of you think using double condoms while having intercourse would offer more protection. It pains me to tell you this...but rather than protect you, it increases the chances of you been exposed or getting the girl pregnant. Doubling the condoms will cause the layers to rub against each other and would lead to them breaking (sigh)...One is more than enough believe me.

I remember chatting with some of my colleagues and we said that the size of a man's shoe is proportional to the size of his D and we had to go asking all our male colleagues their shoe size to get an idea of what's down there. Chei! OLODO!! There is no correlation between them at all!!!

For those of you looking to get pregnant and want a particular baby sex and believe that a particular sex position would influence that, pele boo but no sex position can do that. The only thing I can tell you is that there are some positions you'd be sure to do and get preggo while others are less likely to result in pregnancy.

Now if you believed you can't get pregnant since you're doing it in a pool or tub, LOL you so wrong. Who told you water used to kill sperm?? Once that sperm enters the playing field, it's aim is to score that goal by fertilizing the egg waiting for it. No water or heat can hinder that process.

My last point...some women complain that they don't get really satisfied because their partner ejaculates prematurely. Well what you think is premature ejaculation may in fact not be so as it's been proven that the average duration of intercourse before a man reaches climax is 5.4 minutes (boy are we surprised)....

This is where my tori ends. Who else has some myths they would like to debunk or still believe and can prove are true? Haha, Talk with Krystal ;)


  1. Tunde , Iyke and omor. Please read paragraph 8 very well. U have been fooling yourselves and most importantly, the ladies.

  2. Ofodum schooling us this blessed Tuesday. Sex 506. But the disclaimer Nne is what I don't understand. Why are you saying reseachers say? Nne, speak from experience. That is what makes it real talk. Anyway, I don't know about men sha but eating lots of pineapples changes the taste of a woman's pussy. And watermelon too by the way.

    1. Ah pls sister Oge, how much better would the woman's pussy taste biko? And eh the experts are experienced ni ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. Well I believe the bigger the penis the better the chances of satisfaction. So I beg to disagree with that point. Even doh I know that some studies have proven other wise but that's from their own research not mine๐Ÿ˜‹

    1. Experience be talking๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘i'm prostrating for you oh. You've gone to the mountains and the valleys๐Ÿ˜‚

    2. Let me add that I believe the size thing is psychological.
      You may be turned on by large sized penis just as a guy may be turned on by large buttocks, but physiologically the effect is negligible. The vagina is elastic. If it can accommodate your finger or your parnter's finger, it can accommodate a smaller size and still get well teased.

    3. HOH MA GAAADDD!!! It's like y'all be the ones schooling me right now. But true that, the v is elastic haha

  4. Research n experience which do we take to? Hmmm. Though I have limited experience abt these but I believe d ladies have more2say here


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