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In as much as abortion is frowned upon by religion and morals, it's very well practiced and legal in many parts of the world. With many issues arising as to whose right it is to decide to keep a child or not, I only deemed it right that we do talk about it here today.

We're not focusing if we think it's right or wrong for someone to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy. No! Whose right is it to go on and get one? Does the woman have to inform the man responsible before going ahead with it? Does he have any right to demand she keeps the pregnancy?

Now we know that most unwanted pregnancy cases end up with the man responsible refusing to claim or take responsibility. If the father of the fetus growing in the womb of a woman goes on to wash his hands off everything that has to do with them, he forfeits the right to know anything at all. If in the end the lady keeps the pregnancy, she can totally keep him in the dark. The same when she gets an abortion.

In the case where both parties involved take responsibility for their actions.....plenty wahala often occurs. Sometimes the man may want her to abort it and she may want to keep it; and vice versa. Not to be biased, but again it is the woman's choice. Whether or not she wants to abort the baby, it's up to her. If the man wants her to keep the baby, that is just what he wants. The right to have that child would be left to the person carrying it. Why? It's the woman that would have to bear all shame and embarrassment from family and society especially when there are no plans of marriage in sight. She's the one who would have to drop everything she's doing and planned to do, her education, her work, her dreams, etc. A man's life is never really interrupted. He could still go about his daily affairs just keeping at the back of his mind that he's an expectant father.  The woman is always the one posed with a lot of questions from everyone including her religious sect. It is her family that would have to bear any punishment meted out to I've seen in instances where family members have either been suspended from their roles in church or excommunicated (quite extreme). It is still the woman who would have to bear labor pains and we know some people lose their lives during child birth due to some complications. Now I'm not saying that can't happen in abortion too, but its her right to decide what she wants to experience. She can't be cajoled to doing what she won't be ok with because the man involved wants it so. If forced, she may not be a good mother to the baby born. The lady should make her own decision so that whatever happens, she would only have herself to blame. However, the man has the right to know her decision (whether she keeps it or not), that is if he is still in the picture or relationship.

Please note that I am in no way giving an "ok" to abortion. Nope. But we are not here to judge either. Her choice should be between  her and her conscience. That's by the way though. Share your thoughts on this. Talk with Krystal :)


  1. I confess that I have difficulty taking this debate seriously.
    It seems like a no-brainer to me, I feel like anyone who disagrees with the woman having the final say is either very stupid or very cruel.

  2. Dozie A.9/3/16 14:51

    I think none of the parties should take an arbitrary decision. It would be best if they both agree and take the decision together. However, where they cannot reach a consensus, the lady should have the final say. That's my own opinion....

  3. Anonymous14/3/16 00:52

    "It's the woman that would have to bear all shame and embarrassment from family and society especially when there are no plans of marriage in sight"

    while I understand where this type of thinking may stem from, I must say that there is nothing shameful or embarrassing about an adult getting pregnant. Let's try to be a less judgmental society. It helps everyone.


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