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 It's so sad that our fears concerning our favorite duo group in Nigeria have come to a reality.
Yes! Paul and Peter of Psquare have both parted ways and doing their own individual thing. We have been following the whole brouhaha that's been going on with the twins and their elder brother Jude Okoye who was also their manager. Rumors kept flying that the two were gon split. It's really heartbreaking that it's now a done deal as the twins have been seen performing shows and recording on their own.
Peter has a solo song already "Look into my eyes" and is addressed as Mr. P. Paul on the other hand is now Rudeboy. They both own individual solo record labels (Rudeboy Recordz - Paul, P-classic - Peter). To go further in confirming this, Peter took to the gram to share a picture of himself and Selebobo in the studio and is also set to perform in Dubai on the 7th of April, 2016.

We never ever thought we would see the day our beloved P-square split. Yes we know it's a common trend with a lot of music groups in the world, but c'mon they are brothers, not just brothers, twin brothers! Psquare ohhhh you say your love no dey lie!!! It actually feels weird because we've gotten so used to the two of them's like both left and right hands detaching from the body and trying to function alone. Imagine both of them competing against each other for an award in the same category....kai!

Oh well, in as much as we're heartbroken, we do wish them the very best in their future endeavors and hope they produce the same or even better effect as they did while they were together. I'm off to keep sulking *sigh*


  1. Marriage changes a lot of things, Ur wife and money can make u or break u. not insinuating the ish started from one or the other, but u need to be super-strong to steady ur will when both forces challenge.

    1. Same thing I said! When women are involved, things are bound to change...sad but true something


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