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Well after the whole shakara, misunderstanding, twitter rants, instagram epistles, media interviews, split and conspiracy theories, real tears from fans, comedy skits on their issue and battle of the twins, it is now safe to say that three brothers, Paul & Peter and Jude Okoye are on level grounds now.The brothers are reported to have finally sat down and discussed their issues after many weeks of washing their dirty linen in public via social media. It's been one hell of a drama ride from the Okoyes as a lot of things were unveiled to the entire world concerning their management, music and structure. And when we thought all was well again after Paul's quite touching epistle that followed Peter putting up a notice about their performance in Amsterdam, we were then put in disarray again as Peter's interview with NET was published alongside his tweets and instagram post urging his brother to stop deceiving fans and making him look like the bad cop in the situation. It didn't stop there, Jude also tweeted that the truth is "dirty" in response to Peter's interview and indicated that apparently we were not ready to handle it yet.

Sigh, all that now is gone with the wind though as the three of them posted some picture with a dove flying in the sky, indicating a fresh start all with the same caption "that it took our stupidity to realize that FAMILY comes first, We are VERY SORRY", tagging themselves with the hashtag #dembeonenobetwo.

So maybe we've come to the end of this African Magic epic movie and we can say "To God Be The Glory" LOL.....the drama had already been dragged for too long I was getting pretty bored. They better have fixed their issues (whether it was a stunt or not) and not come back to tell us "the saga continues". We do wish them well anyways, always love me some Psquare :)


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