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Seriously this Trump and his band of hooligans called supporters are not only racists but the real terrorists of the world.
We've been getting reports about how peaceful protesters from the #BlackLivesMatter movement have been thrown out and assaulted in all types of manner during all Trump presidential rallies. To tell you the type of person Trump really is, he has never ever for once reprimanded or stopped any of such discriminations and has never issued an apology to any of the assault victims.

The latest one is what happened in Fayetteville, NC where a group of four non-violent demonstrators were kicked out of the rally. That wasn't enough, a white Trump supporter that's quite elderly threw a punch in the face of one of the protesters Rakeem Jones. And you won't believe the type of excitement that came from other supporters. Like it seemed they finally got the permission to do as they please and go ahead to cause harm to Black people. It was such an appalling sight to behold. Racism in broad day light.

Hmmm blacks and people with different ethnicities better start praying to their Chi because shit is bound to get real if this pure breed Racist becomes the president of the United States. It's not even funny. This type of person would rationalize the killings of black people by the cops. I don't even understand how a country like the US would be so dumb as to receive the lies from someone set out to cause confusion and discrimination? Nawa oh! A racist should not even be allowed to run for president in the first place. Abeg if he wins, the world can like to come to an end (only in America though).

See the video below.