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President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria and famous Nigerian actress Ibinabo Fiberesima is bound to serve jail time as an appeal court judgement upheld the jail term of 5 years she previously received following the accident involving a Lagos doctor Suraj Giwa who died after being hit by Ibinabo ten years ago.
The judge of the appeal court Justice Yammamma Tukur declined the option of a fine and stuck to the earlier judgement of Justice Deborah Oluwayemi of Lagos High Court.

Her only hope now is taking the case to the Supreme court and pray for a different ruling. She was given the option of a N100,000 fine from a magistrate court but this was removed by the High Court for dangerous and reckless driving. According to Barrister Lola Abdul, there is no way for her to escape jail term except she appeals the judgement and the appellate court sets aside the sentence of the lower court.