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AUTO-REJECT: A Girl's Best Friend

I used to have issues giving out my phone number to strangers (guys)
I just come across randomly especially when I know I'm not attracted to anything about them and I know it won't be about business related talk by the time they start calling. It's not like I've never given out my number to some random person (hardly though) because there are times I might just be interested to hear what he has to say.

But the problem with a lot of guys is that they don't just get it when a girl says NO. In fact that NO just added more ginger to their ginger (ugh). They'd feel like you're playing hard ball and forming fierce so they'd come after you or like you even more.

So back then, when a guy (it's baffling how it can be the very annoying ones)  meets me maybe on the road and tries to make small talk and get my number, I'd straight up tell him politely oh "No I can't". And just like that, I've bought bad market for myself. The type of scene that would be created right there and then all those amebo people on the road standing and passing by would be looking and waiting to see the aftermath. To avoid that type of embarrassment, I'd just release my phone number just like that and say to myself "you can always just not answer the calls" or pretend when he calls or just hang up. But then think of my battery life and the stress of having to cut a particular person's call all time.

The thing used to pain me eh, until I discovered the magical power of Call Auto reject. Unlike those days we used our torch light phones with call barring and the other party would know you barred him; this one works so well because he just thinks it's network or your phone has gone bad. So if a guy I obviously don't and won't like asks for my number, no problem at all. Is it not phone number?  I'd collect his own phone  number sef and dial it in his presence so he'd ho home feeling like Badoo-sneh. The moment we part ways, I highlight his number and add to auto-reject list sharp sharp.  He would attempt to place a call, it may seem like it's going through, but on my own end, I can't see nothing. My phone won't even beep for a split second. Life made easy. My sister complained about the same wahala and when I showed her what to do, it felt like she won a lottery.

So ladies, no fear again. Give your number out freely and happily keeping at the back of your mind you can easily save your battery life and not even remember the person exists (that's if you're not interested in the person in question). LOL

You people would think I'm mean but it's far from it. I'm like one of the nicest people you'd come across. I just don't like it when some people can't respect their small grey hairs and understand simple English. If a girl says NO, nna biko it's NO. She doesn't want you to stalk her, she doesn't want you to prove anything and she doesn't want o fight for her love and attention. Heck she might be giving all that to someone else already. Don't come and be trying to complicate someone's beautiful life.

See, as I've said this thing now I'm praying some people don't read it and come looking for me to beat the small sense I have out of my brain. Me I can't fight, I can only talk....So talk with Krystal. Hehehe....


  1. Haha.. auto reject. Lol, funny tho

  2. Well, for me sha just say No. Let the embarrassment happen, you will know at least one person you definitely don't want in your life.
    Auto reject won't really help if the guy is persistent or stalker-esque, he'll just use a different number.


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