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Chef Drama Almost Ruined TI And Tiny’s Baby Shower Yesterday

Yesterday, TI and Tiny celebrated the coming of their third child together at their baby shower.Well the special moment was almost ruined when one of the chefs hired to cater the event got a little petty! Chef Kool who took to Instagram to put the Harris’ on blast for allegedly trying to pay him in “privilege” rather than actual coin:

According to the actual event planner, Tamara, Chef Kool is boldface lying! She says contrary to what the chef is alleging, he was paid for his services because Kandi Burruss was the one who actually provided the budget for catering which shows that money was never the issue.
She says that Chef Kool was only paid $1000 and not the full $2000 because it was in agreement that the chef would only take care of the appetizers while another chef (@Efrimdehart) would be hired to cover the main entrees. There was no receipt of payment though because apparently Chef Kool only accepted cash in hand.
Tamara also claims that she was even being generous with allowing Chef Kool to keep the initial $1000 since he did not stick to the foods previously approved for catering nor did he bring enough food to feed the 300+ people in attendance.
In fact there are claims that TI actually had to make his own seafood dish…yes at his own dam baby shower… since he doesn’t eat meat and Chef Kool ran off with his initial salmon plate! WOW!!
Tamara also took to Instagram and admitted that if she knew what she knows now she would have made Chef Kool  sign a contract.

Regardless of the drama, the baby shower still went off without a hitch and the second chef came through with more than enough dishes for everyone. Congrats again to TI and Tiny.

Source: Shaderoom