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Chris Brown has been involved in an awful lot lately.
Just yesterday he had a clash online with Kevin Mccall; the level of petty was high believe you me (go to twitter and instagram).

Well now, he's trying to get a lawsuit thrown out by a Judge in California following the incident of one of his fans getting shot when he performed at a night club in San Jose back in January 2015. Chris Brown must be really tired of all them lawsuits filed against him and says that this one ain't his fault.

The incident happened just when Brown said on the mic “Oh them n*ggas getting it in over there" after which shots were fired. Five fans of Brizzy’s were injured, but one victim named, Paul Briley decided to take measures into his own hands and filed a law suit against him in Aug. 2015 for damages. Riley’s lawsuit claimed that the “Royalty” singer attracts violence at his shows, and should take full responsibility for the shooting because there was not enough security! Funny. Even Brown’s publicist, Nicole Perna thinks that this case is “completely frivolous.”

Now the New York Daily News is reporting that Brown wants his case dismissed because he felt as though he had no control over what happened that night. Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos came to his defense: “While the shooting was horrific and senseless, Mr. Brown had no duty to ensure that a nightclub he did not own, possess or control had the expensive and burdensome security measures that plaintiff unreasonably demands,” said Geragos.
Briley, who is a 22-year-old student at San Francisco State University, claimed he was shot in the foot during Brown’s initial performance, and now suffers nerve damage because of it. To his defense, the victim is backing up his “tragic” story to prove that Brown’s shows often end up with somebody getting hurt. He brought up the incident that happened back in August which left Suge Knight shot while he was supporting Chris Brown at his 1Oak appearance. Unfortunately, the defense is not for it.
“Plaintiff fails to allege any facts indicating that Mr. Brown’s purported negligence was the proximate cause of the wild and indiscriminate shooting,” Geragos said in a filing upon requesting dismissal. “Plaintiff’s threadbare claims are woefully inadequate.”

There's no idea as to if the case would be thrown out...I'd rather it be dismissed because there's actually no basis for it. To me it seems the supposed victim is broke and wants to use Chris to pay his bills. Mtschew. Grab your popcorn though let's keep watching as things unfold.