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So I've heard that some ladies now have sworn not to get married if their future mothers-in-law are still alive. This one is madness  sha... E pass me! I know it's true that some mothers-in-laws can be some really huge pain in the behind; but what type of witch are you to come and be wishing death on someone else's mother?

First of all, there is no way in hell that you would get married and you won't have your in-laws in general be up in your business even a little, not to talk of your husband's mother.....someone that carried him for nine months...your husband freaking learnt how to suck boobs well by using hers as training grounds ni!! Like the women that make such utterances....I don't think they should get married at all. That type of person would be looking for means to make her mother-in-law die quickly if she's still alive. These class of females are in my opinion..."DUMB AND SILLY".... Have they ever pictured the same thing about their own mums? I mean if such a person's brother wants to get married now and the prospective daughter-in-law says the exact same thing, praying for the death of her mother, abi it would go down with them?

Pardon me oh but young women of these days are so annoying. For me as a lady to be saying this, then you should know the level shit like this has gotten to. There's no denial that when you're married, you deserve your privacy and your in-laws shouldn't have to show up unannounced and make some pretty weird's also not a lie that a lot of mothers-in-laws resent their daughters-in-laws for reasons known to them. However I know there are amazing women who make the best mothers-in-laws. Even those that may not like you at first could turn a new leaf once they see the type of person you are. In fact sef, some people that have issues with their spouses' mothers or family in general do so by their own hands...not every woman is marriage material. If a son's mother notices that the proposed wife about to come into the family seems incompetent and wayward, she has the right to loud her opinions or her findings. It's left to every other person involved to investigate or prove her wrong. No woman wants her son to suffer in a marriage. Mothers would go the extra mile to make sure their sons have indeed found a good thing. So yes, mothers-in-laws are meddlesome. If you can't love your mother-in-law regardless, you're not ready to handle the trials and storms that can arise in marriage.

Guys, you better make sure the person you want to marry is not a silent witch!! Those ones that have even made their thoughts known on social media like the tweets I saw that they would not marry unless the guy's mother is dead; at least whoever is involved with them know. Flee from such women. They will scatter your nuclear and extended family. Such women would try everything possible to make sure you don't have a relationship with your family members. I swear this whole thing baffled me because some other BEBELUBES were agreeing with such stupidity and ignorance. Please know the species you are about to marry. NOT ALL GIRLS ARE MEANT TO GET MARRIED OH!! SOME ARE CALAMITIES DRESSED IN HUMAN FORMS!! Don't send your mum to an early grave because of a woman that is probably not your soul mate. In fact if you have plans of settling down with a lady be sure of how she feels knowing your mother is still alive. Girls are not smiling these days again. Families have separated once another woman is in the picture. Watch how families that have never quarreled or fought before go to war when their off springs begin to get married; it's so would hear women praying in the night for their mother-in-law to die in her sleep...TUFIAKWA!! That's why it's said "After God, fear women"...after all it's the same woman that caused Adam to partake in the first sin *straight face*....

Women that utter such nonsense make me ashamed of being called a woman. Please ladies, marriage is never just really about you and least not in Africa, not even in Nigeria for that matter. Be careful with the things you say. Love your husband's his mother just as you would love yours. And if after your being the best version of yourself she still decides to be the devil wey dem carry come church, leave her for God and love her still. Pray for her, she's the one that gave birth to the man you love; that's a priceless gift you already got there.

Straight outta my sitting room giving you real talk, share your thoughts on this one with Krystal :)



  1. If she can't keep up with my mum, hws is she gonna kip up wif me or our daughter's... my mum's gene wuld still flow in me and pass to our daughter's. Infact the way to my heart is likely through the care she shows to my parent's in general.

    1. Exactly!! I wonder why some females have refused to understand that. Thanks for sharing #RealTalk

    2. I disagree. Nobody will ever be good enough for you in your Mom's eyes except who she wants, even if the one she bring na krokro devil.
      It isn't up to her to keep up with your Mom, it is up to you to keep your Mom in her space.
      She married you, not your mother. She might take on some of YOUR duties to your mother but her loyalty is to you and yours to her first before anyone else.

    3. Good point. But we should remember that our mothers can never be 100% out of the way as far as we are concerned. I don't see the reason why a girl would say she can't marry someone because his mother is alive. That's a no-no!! Yes the husband would keep the mother in check and there are bound to be boundaries, but it doesn't stop the wife or wife to be from respecting her mother-in-law or her in-laws in general for that matter

  2. "Calamities dressed in human forms"... I Agree! For all you love in that man she put it in him... i wonder how they would take it if their daughter-in-laws to be wished them dead too.?

  3. Na here us guys need to get sense and shine our eyes.
    Part of the reason some women think like this is when we mistake our significant others for surrogate mothers. If the lady you're with isn't happy around your mother, check first to be sure it's not you or your mother's fault (which it most likely is). If no be una dey misbehave, omo guy give the lady space sharp sharp before she go cook your mama last supper.

    1. PREACH!!!! You have indeed said it all. the reason I said I know sometimes the guy's mother could actually be pretty difficult to deal with...still doesn't gv any human the reason to wish death upon anyone. Thank you biko! #RealTalk


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