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FEATURED POST: The Sparkling Tune Of Love


The magic of this music grows ever stronger

Ferrying life-filled water to this barren desert; waking my rotten heart

Raging through my being; freeing my shackled soul

Widening my smile, drowning my sorrows; painting an enthralling art


Every note, every spark; is a white smile in the blanket of the dark Nile   

It’s a starting charge, waking even the dead in heart; bridging lives  

This tune is like no other, its sweetness, its uniqueness; unmatched

This song is silent, yet louder than the raging typhoons of monsoon


This song births as a spark in the heart of the touched  

And grows into a monstrous fire that cannot be matched

Fuelled by the coal and ice of hearts in perfect sync; beating in the light

Its flames inextinguishable, its light inconceivable, its melody; celestial  


My heart is in frenzy; full of songs, my lips tries to hum along

I feel the tune in the air; I see the individual spectra of this spectacle 

I can touch them, I feel the harmony in my heart; it dances to this rhythm     

My heart is warm; clothed in living music, my eyes can only stare in awe 


There is a tune in my heart; ooh! What an untameable sparkling flame    

A perfect song, without a note of a dirge nor a dong of an ill pitch  

Only the fortunate can live this paradise; taste each note, see each ray

If I had the words; the emotions to explain what I see, what I feel, what I’m experiencing


I will say, love is a beautiful song, written on the canvas of fate

You are bound to hear it, maybe not today but surely tomorrow you will

You will feel its presence, its purity and its warmth; when it reaches your shores 

It will knock you down, you may battle, you can resist; but you will lose  
You can only join the parade and dance to this unique number; love is a sparkling tune


Manuel Uchiha Otoo-Annan is a poet under the alias JayOach. A graduate of St. Augustines College, Cape Coast and Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Tecnology, Kumasi. He's currently undergoing his internship as a pharmacist. Manuel is an easy going guy with a huge sense of humor.





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