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 During one of my usual interactions with random people, I had this encounter with a lady who said she had a serious issue and feared her marriage was headed down the drains.
Apparently she was thinking about leaving her husband because he loved having sex and she didn't...not so much. According to her, he'd come home from work or one of his trips ad would immediately want to "mount" her. She may go with it for like 1/2 rounds but she said that the fact he still wakes up in the middle of night for more or even wants a little sugar-sugar  in the morning again gets her really pissed and she tends to turn him down a lot. In fact, she made a timetable for sex. Now he's cheating on her and she is on the verge of getting divorce.
Hmmm....people... This one though, I'm trying not to laugh but to say the truth it's pretty funny to me. I'd just say what I think and the rest of you would contribute your two cents to the issue. I'm pretty sure she's not the only one to have complained about something like this before. It's actually a problem when you and your partner don't want the same things especially when it concerns your sexuality.

But let me be real honest here. Timetable for sex.....Really?? That's like giving your husband a free hall pass to go find some bimbo and do as he pleases. Ha!! If my hubby likes getting his groove on by 2a.m, except I have a perfectly good reason like illness or something, I'm not shutting him out. I mean he's your husband, some men won't even ask you oh because they feel it's their right. Your husband comes home and it's just you he me that's like really awesome. He's not trying to get it from somewhere else. Ok, even though you may not want to do it at a particular point in time, after all we can't always be in the "mood", explain to him and still give him a bit of TLC. Prevent his "third leg" from wandering off because that thing has a mind of its own. Men are like puppies (no offence), if you don't treat them right, best believe they would stray. It's so easy. Do you know what "agro" can do? Agro wey be sly bastard. You want your husband to go mad from not getting any and waiting for the appointed time you fixed for sex? Most married men don't cheat on their wives because they're good at either one or all of these three things: Praying, Cooking and Sex.

Ejor, satisfy your husband and don't let him look elsewhere for something you're meant to give him. Anywhere and anyhow he wants it, even if it's on the ceiling fan, hang your leg there ni...satisfy him. If you think he has a problem like sex addiction, talk to him and get him help. There are therapies for that. But please don't say you'd fix him into your schedule like he's your business partner seeking appointment. Of course he would look for whom to get satisfaction from; when all these "horngry" daughters of Delilah are still plenty looking for married men to take care of them.

This is just me keeping it real. I might be wrong, who knows? But whether or not you think so, talk about it with Krystal ;)


  1. Hehe abeegi se na food πŸƒ πŸƒ πŸƒ

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Enee Fenty2/3/16 12:42

    How does one make a timetable for sex tho ������ Lemme find that husband first he'll be the one begging for breathing space!��

    1. Sisteh I weak oh! Like I can't even begin to imagineπŸ˜‚

  4. Anonymous2/3/16 12:59

    lols! @TimeTable!!! Na serious case be that!

  5. Dozie A.2/3/16 13:20

    Krystal, nothing to add again. Infact u hit the nail on d head.U

  6. "... 'horngry' daughters of Delilah..."
    Krystal on point. Though I think the man should learn a little self control.

    1. Haha! Thank you. A little self control ei? Okies

  7. Give me timetable for sex, wuld play along but take a vacay wen yu really need it... cuz wen myvmind is off its off... gemini men can bi so adaptive and ... yu knw wat i mean

  8. Gemini things! High Five!!!