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Reports reaching us is that Kim, Khloe and Kourtney have been slammed with a multi million dollar lawsuit
for breach of contract, breach of covenant of good faith and fair dealing, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud and deceit and negligent misrepresentation.

They are being sued by their former beauty line investor Hillair Capital Management just two years after they settled another major lawsuit over the same ill-fated beauty line.

According to documents filed on March 22 in Los Angeles, Hillair  "agreed to put up millions of dollars to help the Kardashians salvage their struggling ‘Kardashian Beauty’ makeup line" in July 2014, "after former distributor, Boldface, went belly up amidst legal and financial troubles."
"The essence of the parties’ bargain was that Hillair would put up millions of dollars to fund the continued distribution of the Kardashians’ line, and the Kardashians would continue to be the faces of the line, and actively promote, market and support the line" so the documents stated.
However, the management of Hillair Capital claims that while they upheld its own end of the bargain, the Kardashians did not as they immediately stopped marketing, promoting and supporting the line and began courting new potential investors so as to buy out its (Hillair's) stake. They claim that the Kardashians just wanted a better and more lucrative deal.
The company now claims they have "suffered significant damages." They want a jury trial plus damages including at least the $10,170,000 in invested funds they say they’ve lost, plus the value of their equity interest in the line, worth "between $64 million and $180 million."
Well, are we really surprised? I ain't though. More popcorn please??