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It's pretty normal when we see guys get turned down by a girl they like. We know how it gets, either they just move on quickly to the next potential catch or sob a little and try to forget with time

Have you ever tried to picture it the other way around with the girl having to fess up and then be dismissed? It's a bit hard for the female species to just up and confess their feelings to the guy especially when he has not made the move....ideally they should be the ones playing hard to get and forming like yam wey no gri boil. With ladies, they actually accept their feelings but they would rather just discuss it among their friends and keep trying to get the guy's attention somehow.

On some rare occasions, the "very bold" females would go out of their way and out rightly tell it as it is "I like you and I want you" (Lord knows I really can't). Some of them get lucky oh, like the guy may just be feeling the same way. Still though, few get it pretty rough. Some guys may just jump on it and play with the girls emotions, others may be kind enough to let her down easy.....and there are some that will rather be very blunt and not mind if she's hurt or not.

A male friend of mine told me about his ordeal with a girl that confessed her feelings to him and he was really very blunt and harsh about it. He didn't really mind if she was hurting or how it made her feel. He just told her straight up " I DON'T WANT YOU".. Chai!! That thing can pain oh, like some very serious painment. You know how girls can be emotional. This one already said he broke her and damaged my soul. Kai!! Maka Chukwu I was already feeling for her.

But honestly eh, to me, I think it's better you get hurt now than later. Even though you will be pained and want to be petty later, the guy may have just done you a huge favor. Unlike the devils that would play along just to toil with your emotions. Even letting the girl down easy has its own problem, because she would still have some small ray of hope that the guy would come around. It's really best when the guy just lays everything on the table and tell her it's never happening. However, guys abeg, as much as you want to be straightforward, don't be a mean jerk in doing so. It's not easy for a girl to muster up morale  and open up, knowing very well in her mind it should be the guy trying to woo her instead.

That's just me talking. I want to know your take on this.... So Talk With Krystal ;)


  1. "Yam Wey no gri boil.." Lmao... better hurt now than later is true... the issue with letting some ladies down is that they cling to hope that it Cld work and keep pressing on. In that case what does one do?

    1. Tell her you and her are never happening and she should understand that. Set boundaries but don't become a strangers. Care but don't get blackmailed with emotions

  2. Being blunt is best. Blunt, but not cruel. "No darling, I won't give you the time and attention you need".
    "I'm flattered but understand I'll only toy with you if you get too close ". "I'll only knack you, not love you, your call"

    I have issues with the idea that the guy is SUPPOSED to do the wooing. Na two of una dey run the package, at least TRY to meet half way.

    1. Lord! You totally know what's up!! @the first paragraph. Buh we both know it's usually the guy that makes a move first,at least most often

  3. Uche naxwell7/3/16 11:55

    Truth is bitter, but far better than deception.


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