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Rapper, Lil Mama, has been arrested today for driving with a suspended license.. Ugh!!
According to TMZ, just around 4 a.m this morning (US time), the “Lip Gloss” rapper was pulled over in Harlem after being clocked as speeding 10 miles over the speed limit. NYPD sources say she was doing 38 in a 25.

When she handed her license over to the officer, he found that it had been revoked, therefore he had to put the “clank-clank” on her! Her license is allegedly revoked for failure to pay a ticket.

But one would think she would have taken care of the ticket already. No be superstar be that? Anyways no official statement has been made either by her or her publicist. Lemme go round up kitchen duties, maybe by then we'd know more. LOL