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So last week we learned that Mimi landed her own reality TV show scheduled to air later this year...Well news reaching us now is that the grammy award winning and multimillionaire artist is kinda difficult to work with the production team. According to the plenty gist we're hearing, Aunty Mariah no just gri hear word oh. To think that they have been filming for just two weeks, it's alleged that things are not so smooth between her and Bunim Murray production crew.

They say she is demanding editorial control and is very particular about her image, controlling everything from her lighting to the side of her face she wants shot.

LOL o di egwu! I thought just meant to be doing her thing not minding if the cameras are there or not. A source revealed that "she finds it difficult to pretend the cameras are not with her, so they have become part of the show. She barks orders at them the entire time they are filming."

This reality show better not flop. She has a lot riding on this, people are actually hyped and excited and can't wait for it to be on TV. She berra make it one of the coolest things to be seen on TV biko. Please someone that knows her should tell her to let the production people do their job and let her face her own business, the cameras should not be any concern of hers...that's why it's a reality TV show!! Live your life exactly the way you would without em cameras around. Mtschew. Don't come and fake shii for us to see, we want the real deal!!!