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If you have been following the news today, you'd know that there were two bomb attacks in Brussels, Belgium, which left hundreds of people injured and about 34 people dead. Tragic!

Some celebrities like Kerry Washington, Kendall Jenner, Miley Cyrus and Iggy Azalea have expressed their feelings about the event on media platforms like twitter and instagram,  and have sent their heart felt thoughts and prayers to the victims and survivors of the attacks.

Miley Cyrus is also looking for ways to help families that have been affected and informed her fans that she is working with members of her Happy Hippie Foundation to reach out and be there for those impacted. In her words on Instagram, "My heart breaks for the world today.... When will this end, and the love begin.... This isn't the planet I wanna live on, NOTHING in the world matters but giving love to others! It's what we need more than anything else! MORE LOVE LESS EVIL!! Talking with @happyhippiefdn now about what we can do to be there for our friends in Brussels .... Stay tuned on how to get involved. Today we must focus on what units us ... not divides us."

In related news, it's been said that Mariah Carey has been strongly advised against staging the scheduled concert in Brussels on Sunday as the award winning singer had plans to celebrate her 46th birthday there. Her security team how ever are urging her to reconsider due to fears of her becoming a target of the terrorists who struck today the 22nd of March, 2016.

Also Iggy Azalea could not come on the Good Morning America TV show as planned this morning as news of the attacks came in while she was in the studio. She took to her twitter account and explained to her fans saying she was sending up prayers for everyone in Brussels.

We're really praying for world peace...Brussels, Turkey and Ivory Coast, you're in our hearts and prayers. RIP to the lost souls.