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Last week, while dressing up, my mum suddenly rushed into the room. Apparently she was shaken up about something. Before I could greet her, she just started talking "Hayyyy Ada'm, you really can't imagine what I'm about to tell you". Hmmm, I started wondering what it could be, praying to God it better not have anything to do with me or someone I know. Then she continued "if you come home from work, go to your bedroom and see your husband..." Before she completed, I already assumed she was heading towards catching my husband cheating on me with my close friend or relative...something like that. So I already was preparing my answer in my head. But I was taken aback by what followed. "...go to your bedroom and see your husband in bed with your 9-year old daughter having sex, what would you do?"

Like the look on my face alone, I was pretty stunned. I didn't see this one coming. She went on to tell me that it recently just happened to a lady like that and when the daughter was asked how long it's been going on, she said it's been on for a long time now and her own father threatened to really hurt her if she said anything to anyone. Her father preyed on her innocence!!!

Wow. I mean I've heard things like this a couple of times, but for some reason, this one seemed so surreal. It's bad enough that there are psychotic pedophiles out there that take advantage of a child's innocence. It's so unfortunate that these type of human beings still walk our streets freely. And then to worsen the fear of your child being attacked by one of these animals outside, the same thing has still been going on right under you nose for God knows how long.

Me I don't get it oh...I don't get it one bit. I don't understand how a father can lust after his own little daughter, his flesh and blood. What type of evil and mental illness/disturbances lurk in someone to get turned on by any child not to talk of his own? My God! Can you imagine the type of trauma and stigma that girl is going to have to deal with for the rest of her life? The horror of the only man she should have been able to trust, thrusting her over and over again like a rapist would. Do you think she will ever see men in a different light, when her own father just wanted her body? This really made me think hard and long. I kept trying to picture it over and over again. The pain she must have gone through at the beginning. In short there is no expiration date for that pain!! The fact she couldn't tell anyone about it, living in fear and keeping everything to herself..... I can't even begin to think of how many sexually transmitted infections she may have likely contracted from that pervert.

This is the hard truth. There are more cases like this out there, where a child, male or female is being abused sexually and their voices silenced by the very people that are meant to protect them from such wickedness. It's about time we took action and curbed this type of evil against humanity before it spreads quickly like a deadly virus. Sometimes, having hidden cameras in your house is not a bad idea. You get to keep an eye on things going on. Encouraging your children to confide and tell you when something bad is being done to them  or when they feel scared or threatened is key! Talk to your child. Be vigilant!! Never just assume that all is well. It's your duty to ensure that it is indeed ok with him/her. Teach your children the importance of not hiding anything from you no matter who is involved. Sometimes, even without being threatened, they are still scared to open up because they feel no one would believe them. It is necessary to establish that bond of trust between you and your child. Some of them don't know that whatever is happening to them is wrong because they are being deceived into thinking it's okay if it's daddy or mummy touching you (that's the kind of thing those culprits tell them). As such, give them some basic education on sensitive matters like this. Assure them they are never alone.

So back to the question mumsy asked. What would you do? She said she'd just cut the man's third leg first before handing him over to the police. As for me, I have no idea what my line of action would be. It could be anything, even murder.

Oh well, that's it on Real talk today. So talk with Krystal and do have a blissful week ahead. Much love :* :*


  1. This one pass my power oh.
    I can't even begin to imagine what any woman would be thinking in such a situation. I mean, the wife no reach am? call girls don finish? Hian.

    +1 Encouraging kids to open up is really what I'd recommend too.


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