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It's a usual thing for the man to be the head in a relationship or marriage and  to be the breadwinner  and take care of almost everything from rent to electricity bills to water bills, that's just how it's naturally been not so?So if there' s a situation whereby the wife or wife to be earns higher....say four times higher than the man and decides to foot most of the bills, even gets her husband/fiancé a car, gets a house for the both of them, sponsors their honeymoon or vacation or dates....would you consider it okay for both parties involved? Is it alright for her to play that role? is there anything wrong with such a picture? Would the man be "a loser" or the woman seem to be the man's man (if you know what I mean) because of their financial arrangement?

In my opinion, I've never been the type to support the idea of a lady spending almost every time on her man and doing things that ideally a man is meant to do. It just promotes her to being the head in that relationship...practically says she's the one putting on the pants in the relationship. I mean it's okay to occasionally gift your husband or the man in your life and support him when he's down financially; but taking care of everything that concerns the both of you to the extent of getting a house or making him move into your own house...HIAN! Who is marrying who please? Abi you will still give him money to pay your bride price? I even think the man in question would feel rather uncomfortable if indeed he's a MAN because the whole thing should be rather belittling him a bit. There would hardly be respect in that relationship. Most men won't even allow ordinary girlfriend to send them airtime not to talk of catering for everything he has because it would mess with their ego, like they would feel less of a man. A man should be able to make sure basic necessities are met; it's then the woman's duty to support him the best way she can. At least you both are working right? Even if you have to do 40% of the work because of how much you earn, she'd understand and would be ready to handle every other thing because she loves you yea? But you can't tell me that a man with real "manhood" between his legs would sit back, relax and watch his wife play his role. God took a man's rib to make a woman, not the other way round. No matter how you choose to see it, it's totally wrong, whether or not she earns more than him. Just because he doesn't make as much as his spouse doesn't justify her paying for virtually everything. Please such a man should just use the door and bounce. You are definitely not the man in the relationship. In fact just quit your job and be cleaning the house and changing diapers while she pays you like she'd pay the nanny. Become her housemaid or personal assistant or something. Let it be that she's paying you to be her man abi husband; that one na handwork too. Mtschew. If you're such an aunty, just know now that you are a "manless" "husbandless" somebody. You know the way some old women used to go and pay the dowry of another woman to bear them children or grandchildren because maybe their husbands or sons are no more and therefore become the woman's husband, that's just what you are to that man, his husband!!

Anyways that's according to me, who missed me by the way? LOL. Share your thoughts on this one..... Talk with Krystal :)


  1. We missed you... I see no issues if the woman earns more than the man. If were me I'll still perform my duties she should just save her money. Men who lay down and feed off their women without making any effort should be be ashamed... maybe she should have paid their groom price.


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