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Hiya my darling sweet buttercup sugar honey banana lovers...LOL. How you doing this fine Friday that the Lord has made? Good I suppose? Okay then, let's get down to the business of the day.
This post is specially dedicated to those with an honorary degree and title in SNOOPING through their partner's phones. A good number of you now will already start vexing but just hear me out first abeg.
Let me begin by saying it is very RUDE and WRONG to disrespect and violate someone else's privacy by going through their phones to look for only God knows what. Some of you will just be giving be giving yourselves unnecessary high blood pressure trying to find something that's not there. There was a time I used to display this type of behavior and believe me when I say, it's not worth the stress at all. You will just be losing weight anyhow because you're stressing your mind.
See I know the urge would be there, many of you fight the urge to snoop for trust's sake. Others still go ahead and justify their actions by saying "If they have nothing to hide, why can't I go through?" Brother and sister, abi you've not heard that what you don't know won't kill you. Why would you want to know something that in your heart of hearts you don't want to find out? Even if you think your oga or madam is playing games, why not confront them straight up? Some people actually know that their partner is being true to them, but their own problem is being too curious. They want to know every single thing happening in the person's life. Really?? That you are who please? Even your partner's parents don't know everything about him/her. But you want to exert that type of authority over someone else. I don't even know whether you want the same curiosity that killed that pussy cat to kill you too. You will go and meddle in things that don't concern you and mess up a whole lot.
It's best you understand now than later that snooping is a very unhealthy habit. If your relationship is built on trust and transparency, there's no reason to be doing amebo and konkosa Africa work on top another person's phone calls and messages. If you don't trust your partner well enough not to go looking for clues or evidence that he/she is probably into something or someone else, I'm sorry but your relationship is in serious trouble. Like you're about to hit the type of iceberg that made Titanic sink. If curiosity is what is worrying you, you better ask your partner. Even sef, it's not like you yourself you don't have secrets of your own. Ah Ah! Swear now that your partner knows every nitty gritty that goes on between you and the people you interact with. Girls especially, you may not be cheating oh, but there's one convo about money or something that you don't want your guy to see.
Sometimes, the thing you think is your sixth sense telling you something is just your insecurities crying out. Plenty people are so damn insecure even a phone's clock alarm raises suspicion. "Why is alarm disturbing you by this time, what do you have to go and do?" Chileke!! Please life is not that hard oh. In fact Jesus suffered more than enough on the cross for us for you to come and make both your life and that of your partner's miserable.
Communication is key. I find it hard to talk sometimes but it's very important to maintain that line of communication. If you're worried about your relationship slipping away just talk to your partner. If you both work it out, fine. If not, it wasn't meant to be.
I've talked the talk the finish. As we thank God it's Friday, you berra talk with Krystal ;)


  1. This one hard oh.
    Speaking for myself sha I don't see the point of frustrating myself.

  2. Well enough has been said... Avoid yourself heartaches...


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