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Girls are really something else these days. I know soon people will think I'm always out for just the ladies but my regular readers already know it ain't so. On a serious note I feel like some of us ladies need to have our brains rewired and formatted or something.
Something happened and I felt I had to share with y'all especially women in committed relationships so I'd be sure it's not just me that deems it quite off. 
So you're in a relationship with your Bobo and for some reasons, you had to leave town for a while and then, one of your girlfriends that you've never really introduced formally to him calls you up to tell you she wants to hook up with your absence.
Now you inform your dearly beloved friend that it won't be totally okay as you're not around and they've not met before (which to me I feel is a totally good response). After explaining to her how off it would seem, she slams you with some ridiculous comments, taking it really on top your own guy; telling you how she's disappointed and never expected you not to trust her enough and all....Alright oh.
Please is it right that you would let your friend you've never introduced to your partner before just like that go seek him out and hang while you're not around? Who does that? The fact that you were even open with her to tell her the whole thing won't go down well with you should be more than enough. A true friend would understand that. Some other persons would just lie straight up and tell you that the boo is not in the country sef...shoo, would the girl know? In fact I think that is what someone like me would have done, because I won't even have strength to begin to banter words over such stupidity.
If she's ranting about "trust issues", nne please even your own blood sister never go find your boo to chill without you being there, talk less of ordinary friend that has not seen him at all at all. Mtschew, I'm really praying for God to give some girls sense...because I don't even get that type of attitude. Just like that, their friendship would end...guys would hardly try shii like this. Once the other guy explains and they come to an agreement, case don close. But some females are just so difficult to deal with. Christ! When I heard this yesterday I actually laughed and advised the person in question to better stand her grounds and not allow sentimental and emotional blackmail allow her make a silly mistake. Na so people dey go cause havoc for another person house. You can't be too trusting these days, especially in this case where you openly told her and you got blasted in return. You can't tell the heart of anyone each his own. She should wait till you're very much around, you invite her if she's still in town and y'all chill together. It's your relationship and your life, you don't owe anybody anything, even ordinary explanation. Yes you can have some level of trust but not to the detriment of your happiness or comfort. Abeg there's a reason the word "BOUNDARIES" exists.
Let me pause here and allow you guys to talk...let's relate eh? Talk with Krystal ;)


  1. Anonymous29/3/16 19:20

    Why do i have a feeling d friend has made some moves, just called the friend to get enough acess

    1. LOL...probably not far from true...very possible

    2. Totally agree. Which kind friend be that one? Lose that friend fast.

    3. Nna the matter tire me aswear down. I agree with you too biko. #RealTalk

  2. True talk Krystal. Girls are really deceitful. Who does that? Am sure that girl had an ulterior motive. I won't even allow that from a close female friend sef.

  3. Anonymous30/3/16 19:01

    Say wetin... Hu u b? Abeg, pack one side jhor.. Krystal i agree with u totally,Friend or no friend, my answer will b NNNNNNOOOOOO (echoing)

    1. Lmao @echoing. Echo dey go 😂😂 NNNNNOOOOOOO